Why Is My Hair Poofy After I Straighten It

Why Is My Hair Poofy After I Straighten It? Common Hair Problem With A Simple Remedy!

Hair straighteners are gems to those that don’t have hair that is straight cut. It compromises the texture of those wearing curly and wavy hair, making them more even as a result. The equipment has been around for as long as we could remember, and has been a hero amongst the hair community.

Distributing heat evenly to one’s hair, hair straighteners bring multiple benefits to the table when incorporated in a hair styling routine. Apart from changing the texture of one’s hair, using a hair straightener also gives the hair a smoother appearance. It is also extremely lenient, as it is suitable for all hair types.

However, it isn’t always itsunshine and rainbows when using a hair straightener, as users often face various drawbacks when incorporating the tool to their routine. Having poofy hair right after using the tool is probably the most common one amongst them all, and the reason behind that specific issue is probably not as complex as it seems.

In this article, we will be solving why one’s hair is poofy after using a hair straightener. Apart from revealing the various factors in the write-up, we will also include a portion which will include activities that one could take into account to prevent having poofy hair in the future.

How Straightening Hair Leads To Poofy Hair

How Straightening Hair Leads To Poofy Hair

Using a hair straightener feels great until you start to notice the negatives.

While one can achieve a hairstyle with tons of shine and smoothness, using a styling tool as hot as a hair straightener dries out the strands completely. The reason behind the outcome could be due to the high temperature settings that most hair straighteners have.

Regardless of the type of hair straightener one is using, when the heat of the styling tool enters the cuticles, the humidity exposes the inner cortex of the hair, compromising the initial texture as a result. That in turn brings to the table frizzy, unhealthy, and dry hair strands.

All in all, even though the settings can be adjusted, using a hair straightener everyday is a no-no from us, since supplying your hair with so much heat on the regular will take a toll on the texture eventually. However, if you’ve got the next segment in check, perhaps your hair is eligible and resilient enough to battle with the heat of a hair straightener every day.

Why Your Hair Care Routine Is Also To Blame for Your Poofy Hair

Hair Care Routine Is To Blame Poofy Hair


If you’ve been asking yourself “Why is my hair poofy after I straighten it”, every other day, and just can’t seem to figure out the reason behind your suffering, take a glimpse at your hair care routine

Since hair only becomes poofy when it’s either damaged or extremely dry, having the right hair care routine is extremely important. Regardless of whether you’re blessed with good genes or not, your hair care routine should always cater to your hair type for longevity. For instance, if you have been using too much shampoo, or lathering up your hair with too much conditioner and hair product, perhaps you need a new hair care regime that is a bit less intense.

For starters, wash your hair every other day with shampoo, and take a dime sized amount each time. Make sure to use it on your scalp; not your hair. The chemicals in shampoo are mainly for cleaning product build-up off one’s scalp and getting rid of excessive sebum production.

Additionally, while you can use conditioner everyday to give your hair some moisture, control the portion that you feed to your hair. An ideal rule of thumb is to take one quarter sized amount for each section of hair, but that also varies. For example, if you have thick hair, perhaps you can add a little more than usual to the strands. On the other hand, if your hair is on the finer side, only using a quarter sized amount will suffice.

Furthermore, consider using pre-stylers and heat protectant sprays before using a hair straightener. Doing so will not just provide your hair an extra layer of protection through the natural oils of the product itself, but also give it a ton of moisture to prevent the ends from drying out.

Moreover, if you do wish to give your hair a firm hold after straightening it, use a hair clay as opposed to hair gel. SInce hair clay has loads of nutrients added to it, it allows the hair to grow gracefully and stay in place at the same time. It also prevents the scalp from drying out or becoming too oily.

How to Prevent Having Poofy Hair After Straightening It

Now that you know about the two factors that have been ruining the texture of your hair and making it poofy, it would only be fair if we add a list of changes you could make to your routine in order to prevent yourself from being in that dreadful situation in the future.

Listed below are some of the most useful steps you could take in order to stop having poofy hair after you straighten it out through the means of a hair straightener.

Use The Right Products

Right Hair Straightening Products


As stated before, using the right products will suffice if you want to have better hair once it’s straightened.

For ideal and noticeable results, drop the affordable drugstore shampoo that you regularly use and purchase a shampoo that will nourish your scalp instead! Avoid shampoos that have sodium laureth sulfate, and opt for those that are organic and have natural oils as supporting ingredients. Doing so will not only improve your scalp but will also improve the texture of your hair as well as make it healthier in the long run.

In addition, use a conditioner that is free of silicone and good for everyday use. Since conditioners provide the hair with an ample amount of moisture, the texture of your hair won’t spiral if you use a hair straightener as long as you’re using a conditioner on the regular.

On another note, incorporate hair masks, heat protectant sprays, and hair products that cater to dry hair so that they can fight back against the heat that hair straighteners attain.

Deep Condition Your Hair Every Week

Hair Deep Conditioning

In addition to conditioning, you should definitely practice the activity of deep conditioning your hair once a week. That way, not only will your hair feel lighter and moisturized, but will also be detangled and healthier.

Deep conditioning involves supplying even the deepest hair cuticles with moisture through the means of using a deep conditioner. The product is most effective when it is left alone with one’s hair strands for 35 minutes and tends to rejuvenate and re-energize all types of hair. Whether you’re fixing the health of your curly hair or your extremely fine hair, deep conditioning will definitely prevent each strand from drying out, especially when using styling tools and dealing with days of winter.

Rinse With Cold Water

If you regularly use a hair straightener, switching the lukewarm temperature with a much cooler one will definitely help you and your hair.

Using cold water is just as beneficial for you as it is for your hair. The temperature of it tends to allow the hair to retain moisture, preventing the shaft from drying out and becoming frizzy.

Additionally, the excessive heat obtained after using a styling tool can definitely be prevented and recovered from if you rinse your hair with cold water. Just let the water run down your hair for around 10 minutes before you condition the ends of your hair.

Use The Right Brushing Technique

Right Brushing Technique

If you still have poofy hair even after carrying out the former steps, perhaps your brushing technique needs reevaluation.

While carrying out the activity is simple, brushing the hair is extremely tricky. Since hair is extremely fragile when it’s damp or when the texture of it is compromised, using the wrong brush alongside a horrendous brushing technique will absorb the nutrients that the hair contains. This might result in frizzy hair and can even lead to aggressive hair loss at times.

To avoid that, make sure to be gentle with your hair at all times. When it’s damp, use a detangling hair brush to straighten out the edges.

On the other hand, after using a hair straightener, brush your hair very carefully using a wide tooth comb. For best results, take it one strand at a time.

Bottom Line

We hope this write-up allows you to figure out the adjustments you need to make to your hair care routine. In addition to the previous expectation, we also hope you’re able to learn new techniques to say goodbye to poofy hair forever, especially if the use of a hair straightener is in the mix.

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