Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut

Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut? Let’s Find The Answer!

If we were asked to make a list of things that require great contemplation, going for a haircut will surely make it to the top. It’s such a tense situation between those scissors in the salon and your hair, and the pressure is real!

There were many times when we felt like keeping our hair long and the very next moment went for chopping off the length. As a woman, it is actually a life-changing decision to make because your hair largely determines how you are going to look for the upcoming months.

You might feel like there’s not much to think about before going for a haircut, especially if you’re a pro at DIY haircutting sessions. However, there are things to consider, and you need to be serious about them!

Although we spend a lot of time speculating on the type of haircut we will be opting for, we often forget to take the most important matter into consideration: is it necessary to wash hair before sitting for a haircut? It may sound silly if you read the line at first, but take a moment to grasp the reality.

Whether your hair is clean and dry or it is dirty matters a lot when you’re thinking of visiting the salon for a haircut. There are several factors that play role in this case, so this question doesn’t have any simple answer.

But don’t get worried because as usual, we are here to your rescue! Today we will be answering the burning question regarding hair washing before a haircut, and provide you with clear guidelines to make your life a little bit easier!

Is It Alright To Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut?

Wash Your Hair Before a Haircut

Here comes the big question, and the answer is certainly not easy.

Suppose you are going for something subtle such as a trim to take care of the ends, then it’s better to visit the salon with hair that has been washed freshly.

However, in some cases, wet hair is preferred by your hairstylist in order to carry out a successful haircut session. In such circumstances, your stylist will wash the hair before cutting it off so there’s nothing to worry about. Those with curly hair require the stretching before a haircut, so this process is definitely suitable for them.

So, it basically depends on what type of haircut you’re going for. Hygiene also matters, so don’t be too casual and visit the salon with hair that is too dirty. Washing your hair the day before your appointment is always a safe option to opt for.

When Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut?

When Should You Wash Your Hair Before a Haircut

There are certain cases where it’s better if you wash your hair before arriving for your haircutting session.

If your haircut falls under the category of a dry cut, then you should wash your hair beforehand. To put it simply, cutting your hair when it’s completely dry is known as a dry cut. So it’s easy to assume that your hair needs to be washed and dried beforehand for a dry cut, preferably within 48 hours before your appointment.

After that, you also need to keep in mind that too much oil or product residue won’t be a good thing for your haircut session. So make sure to wash your hair beforehand if you have any of those.

And if your haircut already includes a hair wash session, then half your problem is already taken care of. But if it doesn’t, then you can always wash your hair before sitting for the appointment.

When Should You Not Wash Your Hair Before Getting A Haircut?

When Should You Not Wash Your Hair Before a Haircut

We often skip the minor details thinking that the major ones will suffice, but your haircut shouldn’t be taken so lightly!

Just like there are certain scenarios where you need to wash your hair before opting for a haircut, you also need to keep in mind that there are times when avoiding a hair wash is the best way to go.

For example, if your hair feels like it’s clean and it doesn’t seem like your hair went through a dirt storm, then there’s no need to go for that extra session of washing it before cutting. We believe you will be able to understand if your hair is up to the hygiene mark before visiting the salon. If that checks out, no need to worry!

Plus, if your hair appointment comes with a hair wash session, then your stylist will take care of the rest. So it’s not required to wash your hair on your own before you sit for the appointment.

At the end of the day, it will all depend on your quick wit. Just take a good look at how your hair looks, and you will be able to determine whether it needs a washing session before the haircut appointment. Plus, saving that extra bit of your shampoo and conditioner shouldn’t be missed by any chance, right?

Is It Okay To Wash Hair Before Coloring?

Many of us think that keeping hair dirty before sitting for a coloring session is the right thing to do. But that’s not always the case.

If your hair is too dirty, the color is not going to process properly. So make sure to wash your hair 2 or 3 days before your coloring appointment as that will be great for the coloring session.

The summary is that clean and dry hair is the preferred condition before you sit for your hair coloring session or upstyle.

What’s The Right Way To Wash Hair Before a Haircut?

First, wet the hair using lukewarm water and saturate your strands properly. Take a dime-size shampoo in your hand and rub it in your palms, then apply the shampoo starting from your roots going all the way to the ends.

Massage the shampoo following a gentle circular motion. Rinse your hair properly and you can repeat the shampooing session if the hair is too dirty to begin with.

After that, grab your conditioner and apply it one or two inches away from the scalp all the way through the ends. Comb your conditioner through using a wide-tooth comb. Finally, use lukewarm water and rinse everything thoroughly.

Final Words

So that was our little guide to help determine whether you should wash your hair before sitting for your haircut appointment. It’s the smallest of details that make a huge impact afterward, so always better to be prepared with the proper knowledge in order to get the best outcomes out of your haircut.

Remember, a haircut not only changes your entire look but also works to portray your vibes as a person. So always make sure you are choosing the proper cut according to your hair type and texture. Even if the trend attracts you like a magnet, don’t go for something too irrational!

That being said, we hope that now you have understood the basics of washing hair before a haircut. Trust us, this simple information will bring about major changes, and your hair will definitely thank you for making the right decisions beforehand!

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