How to use a flat iron

How To Use A Flat Iron Properly & Safely?

Straight and sleek hair has been a classic and dependable style for a long time. Learning how to use a flat iron is the quickest and easiest way to attain this style at home.

However, it is necessary to learn the proper way of using a flat iron. Although flat irons are fairly safe, there is a risk of causing heat-damage to your hair or ending up with dry strands.

That is why you must know how to prepare your hair and the right technique of using the flat iron. But, do not worry because we’ve got your back.

We have described in detail the easiest and safest method of straightening your hair with a flat iron. There are also some tips on creating curls and waves with your flat iron.

So, stick with this article to learn everything you need to know, especially if you are a beginner.

How to Use A Flat Iron?

Next time you’re using a flat iron, keep this step-by-step process in your mind. This method will protect your hair from any type of harm and you will achieve the best possible result.

Know Which Flat Iron Is For You

There are different types of flat irons or hair straighteners available in the market. Your flat iron could have a ceramic, ionic, infrared, silver, titanium, or tourmaline plate. So, you need to know which flat iron is the most appropriate for you. For example, titanium plates distribute even and consistent heat, infrared plates are most suitable if your hair gets damaged easily, ceramic plates are for extra thin hairs, and tourmaline plates for very frizzy or already damaged hair.

Wash And Clean Your Hair

Now, wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner in the shower. You do not need to use the expensive ones. Just the standard ones would do as well. But, if possible, choose the ones that are labeled as “smoothing” or are designed for straight and sleek hairstyles. Make sure your hair is thoroughly cleaned.

Dry Your Hair

After you’ve finished cleaning, you need to dry your hair. Remember that your hair needs to be completely dry before you start flat ironing. Using a flat iron on wet hair can harm your hair. Also, you need to make sure your hair doesn’t become too frizzy while drying. Having frizz-free hair will help you to give it more volume and character. So, the best solution is to gently pat your hair dry with a towel. Do not be rough or harsh with the towel. You can also let your hair air dry for a bit or gently use a brush.

Use Heat Protectant Product

Next, it would be wise to use a heat protectant product. Any type of exposure to heat can damage your hair, and that’s why you need to be extra careful. You can use a thermal protection serum or a heat protectant hairspray on your hair. If you are using a gel or a serum, gently comb your hair with a brush to make it sure it’s reaching everywhere. Also, if you still feel that your hair is not completely dry, you can blow-dry your hair.

Divide Your Hair Into Several Sections

To finish the preparation process, you need to divide your hair into different sections. This will make the rest of the steps much easier. As to how many sections there should be, there is no exact number. It depends on the volume of your hair. However, you need to make sure that each section is one to two inches thick. The section can’t easily pass through the flat iron if it’s thicker than that.

Choose The Right Temperature

Then, plug in and turn on your flat iron. You can control the temperature and you need to make sure it is on the appropriate level. If your hair is thick and frizzy, you need more heat, and the heat should be less if your hair is thin and delicate. Carefully read the instruction manual, if you are confused about controlling the temperature.

Start Straightening Your Hair

It is now time for the most important part. Take one section and start straightening it. Go as close as possible to the root and start straightening. Be extra careful and do not burn yourself. Ensure that you are not holding the flat iron in the same place for too long. It should be a smooth and steady stroke from the root to the end.

For each section, you can run the flat iron 2 to 3 times at most. Doing more than that can harm your hair. That is why you need to make each sweep count. Just make sure that the sides are touching and the hair section is properly passing through.

Move On To Next Section and Repeat

Once you are done with one section, move on to the next one. Keep repeating the same action as the previous step. The trick is to take your time and go slow. Pay proper attention and keep gently straightening each section until all your hair is straightened.

End With Finishing Products

You can finish the straightening process by using some products. A light hairspray can be used to ensure that your hair remains straight. You might also use a serum to keep your hair frizz-free. Although using these products are not absolutely necessary, they can provide you with the extra shine you need.

Carefully Store The Flat Iron

Now that you are done with your hair, pay attention to your flat iron. Put away your flat iron to a safe place and let it cool down. If you regularly travel with your flat iron, you might want to buy a flat iron case. Also, regularly clean your flat iron to make sure it’s providing you great service for a long time. Just soaking a cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently cleaning the dirt away will do.

Create Curls & Waves With A Flat Iron

Flat irons are not just used for straightening hair. You can easily create cool curls and waves with your flat iron as well if you know how to use a flat iron properly.

Create Curls & Waves With A Flat Iron

The process is almost the same as the one for straightening. So, follow all the steps and stop just as you’re about to start straightening. You will need a different technique now.

If you want partially curled hair, then start straightening a section in the usual way. When you reach the point where you want the curl to begin, turn the flat iron 180 degrees or a half-turn away from your face.

At this point part of the section should be wrapped around the outside of the flat iron. Then, gently pull the flat iron through the rest of the section.

Keep repeating this process for all the sections. You will have achieved cute partially curled hair!

You can also easily attain S-shaped beachy waves with your flat iron. Take a section, start straightening from the root and then bend your hair to create the “S” shape while you’re running the flat iron.

Do this same action for all the sections. When you are done, use your fingers and shake your hair. Now, you have beautiful beachy waves.

Final Words

With the help of this article, you now know how to use a flat iron accurately without causing any harm to your hair. You can now successfully straighten your hair and even get waves or curls with a flat iron by yourself.

Now, we have some final tips and suggestions for you. If you are a beginner and you are using the flat iron for the first time, do not try creating curls or waves.

At first you need to learn the basics and stick to them. After you have mastered straightening your hair, then you can get creative with your flat iron.

Also, do not use the flat iron every day. That can severely damage your hair. You need to take brakes in between. Over exposure to heat can only harm your hair.

Finally, always take your time while using a flat iron. Do not do anything hastily or skip any step. Keep these in mind and you will always get smooth, sleek, and straight hair.

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