How to straighten hair without a flat iron

2 Secret Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without a Flat Iron

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you woke up one day and found out that you don’t need to use a flat iron to straighten your hair anymore? As long as that one sentence is, your dream can actually come true just like that!

If you didn’t know this before, your hair can be straightened in multiple ways without using a flat iron. For starters, you can use your blow dryer for that purpose, or simply opt for a heatless technique that will surely provide you with amazing results.

You might be thinking that we sound too ambitious, but it’s actually quite possible. These methods are really fruitful for those who have damaged their strands using flat irons on a regular basis. Especially if you skipped using a heat protectant spray throughout those days, then we know the suffering needs to end!

Your hair doesn’t deserve the hassle it has been put through, and you need to take matters into your hands now. This is why today we are going to talk about two magical methods that will allow you to make your hair straight without using your flat iron.

To know more about the processes, let’s keep on reading together!

How to Straighten Hair without a Flat Iron?

Straighten hair without a flat iron

There are multiple ways to make your hair straight without using your hair straightener, no matter how attached you feel to your precious companion. We’ve heard about the method with hair ties in our childhood, but this time, you need to think of something more solid.

It is a great way to opt for permanent hair straightening as it saves you from the hassle of using a flat iron for months. But that process also damages your hair to some extent, so you need to think of something that is durable and won’t cause any damage.

First of all, using a blow dryer will give you great results definitely. You can use the cold air setting if you really don’t want any heat, or else, use a medium heat setting to do the job. This method is quite easy and you will get to flaunt your straight look in a convenient way.

Apart from that, the ‘wrapping your hair’ method has also proven to be successful for many ladies out there. Let’s know the details of both of these processes ahead!

The Blow Dryer Method

This method is one of our favorites for achieving a quicker result. Start by washing your hair and then towel dry by gently patting. Use your hairbrush to detangle your hair properly, and try to pick one with wider bristles.

After that, apply your heat protectant spray to your hair. Now grab your blow dryer and use it around your hair for a while to remove the excess amount of water from your hair. Once that’s done, grab a round brush.

Section off your hair and start with the bottom part. Divide the bottom part of your hair into two sections and bring them forward. Attach the nozzle to your blow dryer, and then turn it on and start round brushing as you go down the length with your brush and hair dryer.

Remember to keep the dryer above your head, pointed down. From your root to the tip, place your hair on top of the round brush and use the blow dryer to straighten everything out from the starting point to the ending point. Make sure to concentrate more on your root hair because they tend to remain curly. Do curling motions with your round brush for the perfect outcome.

Once all of your hair is done straightening by the blow dryer, give it a cool blowout for a few minutes to seal the deal. Finally, apply serum to your ends and your straight hair will be ready to go!

The blow dryer method can be a great pick for working women who want a quick solution when it comes to making their hair look straight.

The Hair Wrapping Method

Now, it practically sounds impossible when we say that you can make your hair straight without applying any heat. Other than the permanent straightening technique, we bet there’s no immediate solution that you think can actually work. But to prove you wrong, here is the wrapping method that’s going to work wonders!

For this at-home method, you need to grab your bobby pins that are large in size, two hair rollers, a hard-bristled brush, and a regular hair comb. Choose bigger hair rollers if your hair is on the longer side.

Start by spraying water on your hair to make it properly wet. Then grab your hair comb and brush your hair out properly. Make a side part and separate some of your hair in a bangs style.

Now separate a section of hair from right behind where you created that bangs style, and using your hard-bristled brush, brush out this section of hair upwards. Make sure that everything is properly smooth and tight. Take a hair roller, place the section of hair around it, and roll the hair down to your head. Just ensure everything is smooth, tight, and straight.

Secure the roller using a bobby pin. Then take another section of hair from just behind the first roller, and repeat the entire process again. Once the second roller is also set, secure it with a bobby pin and you can use another bobby pin to secure both of the hair rollers together.

Make sure to spray water to keep the hair wet. Now it’s time to start wrapping your hair. First of all, start by sectioning off your hair and lining it up with the start of the front of the hair roller.

Brush your hair over and make sure everything is super smooth and nice. Take sections of hair one after another and keep on making them smooth and combing them over. If your hair feels dry, don’t forget to spray the water.

When you get a few layers of brushed-over hair, secure this style using your bobby pin. Keep on brushing your hair all the way to the other side while making sure everything is smooth and nice. Brush up when you are on the back. Place a bobby pin right behind your ear, and keep on placing bobby pins until you reach the end.

Keep on wrapping the hair until the entire length has been covered. Secure the entire wrapped style with the help of your bobby pins. Once everything has been styled properly, just go to sleep for the rest of the night.

Once you wake up in the morning, take off your bobby pins and comb out your hair. Make sure to tilt your hair forwards while you are doing that. Lastly, take off your hair rollers and comb out your hair properly. You will notice the gorgeous straightened-out look that your hair has achieved overnight! Amazing, right?

So, these are the two magical methods that you can opt for to achieve straight hair without using a flat iron at all!

Final Thoughts

Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope it has quenched your thirst for getting to know the two easiest ways to make your hair straight without using your favorite flat iron. Once you get the hold of these methods, your life will become so much easy and the heatless method won’t even cause any heat damage to your strands!

Both the blow dryer method and the wrapping method take only minutes to be done perfectly, so you can save your precious time on the go. We hope these secret processes make your life easier. And trust us, your strands will thank you for choosing these methods over your flat iron because they deserve the vacation!

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