Steps to Straightening Frizzy Hair

5 Easy Steps to Straightening Your Frizzy Hair

Straightening your hair is fun only if you are not damaging it. Because to be honest, the suffering is endless! Many of us often do not pay attention to the proper process of straightening our hair, which leads to damaged strands and frizzy outcomes. So avoiding that damage and getting a smooth, fancy look should be your goal.

While it feels like setting another routine for your hair out of that busy schedule is going to be a tough job, we assure you that it’s going to be as simple as it can get. You just need to follow some basic rules and include some regular products, and most of your work will be done.

Apart from the primary rules, we are also going to describe how to make the best out of your hair straightener, so keep reading ahead to find out more!

How to Maintain Frizzy Hair at Home?

Well, this question is quite difficult to answer if you do not have the practical knowledge. You will find tons of information on the internet on maintaining frizzy hair, but not all of them are going to work for you.

It is a hassle if you style your hair spending hours and still find it frizzy after the session. This is why you need to know the perfect tips to avoid such situations. Wondering where to get them? Well, we are here to your rescue, so let’s dive into the tips!

  • First of all, choose a shampoo that has anti-frizz benefits in its formula. This is important because washing your hair with the proper shampoo is the first step to achieving frizz-free hair.
  • Pair up your anti-frizz shampoo with an anti-frizz conditioner. Many of us often make the mistake of skipping the conditioner after shampooing, and that’s the biggest mistake you can make when your hair is frizzy. So, never forget your conditioner!
  • Apply your conditioner all over your hair. We know that it is suggested to apply your conditioner only at the ends. But to control frizz, you need to apply it all over the head.
  • While washing your hair, make sure that the water is not too hot as using hot water can lead to hair breakage and several other issues. You can just use cold water or water at a temperature that is not too hot to cause any problem.

Once your hair is washed, there are a few tricks that you can follow in order to ensure that your frizz is properly taken care of:

  • Opt for air-drying your hair up to 90% or completely if you can, and we suggest avoiding the use of a blow dryer as much as you can. Because the lesser the heat, the healthier your hair.
  • After grabbing your towel, make sure not to go too rough against your hair. Because that will lead to disrupted hair cuticles. Just opt for gentle patting and let your hair dry naturally to take care of the frizz.
  • Include a hair oil into your routine that will take care of the frizziness. Argan oil can be a great pick if your hair is frizzy in nature.
  • Make sure to trim your ends every 6 to 8 weeks in order to avoid split ends, because those can lead to frizzy hair.

How to Straighten Frizzy Hair Like a Pro?

How to Straighten Frizzy Hair

Now that you know the basic steps of minimizing frizz, let’s come to the point of styling your hair in the perfect way. Straightening is a preferred method for those who have curly hair, as it helps to get a sleek and sophisticated look within minutes.

But have you ever wondered what’s the right way to straighten out your hair so that the frizz is eliminated? Well, there are a few tricks that are going to take care of this problem, so let’s know the process of straightening your frizzy hair in detail.

Step 1: Wash and Brush

Start the process with clean and dried hair to get the best outcomes. As we mentioned before, air-drying is the best option to avoid extra damage in this step. Once your hair has dried, grab your hairbrush and brush out your hair properly in order to avoid any knots or tangles.

While brushing, you need to go vertically instead of horizontally. And make sure to go from bottom to top in order to minimize hair breakage.

Step 2: Section Off Your Hair

The next step is to divide your hair into sections. If you have thicker hair, then sectioning off multiple times is a great way to go. And the more sections you make, the better outcome you are going to receive.

Make ear-to-ear partings while sectioning. Start with the bottom part of your hair and separate the top section using a hair tie or clip. Apply your heat protectant spray at the bottom part in order to avoid heat damage.

Step 3: Start Straightening Your Hair

From the bottom part, start by separating small sections of hair and straightening out your hair slowly. Make sure to part your hair vertically for the best outcomes. Use a hair comb while straightening to support the process.

While you are going over your hair slowly with the straightener, don’t sit for too long in one place because the heat will damage your hair. Go over the hair twice if you need. For the back side which you can’t see, either use a mirror for your convenience or go over that part again from the roots in order to make it proper straight.

Step 4: Repeat and Tame the Stubborn Ones

After finishing your bottom section, move on to the next ones, apply your heat protectant spray, and keep on straightening your hair.

At this point, you will find that there are some of your hair on the sides that look frizzy and they are quite small in size as well. Just separate that small section of your hair, place your straightener as closer to your roots as you can, and then straighten out that piece of hair slowly down the length.

Step 5: Finish the Process

After finishing all the sections, you will reach the final front section of your hair. Take your hairbrush and brush out this section of hair along with the rest of the straightened hair. Then apply your heat protectant spray.

Place your hair straightener as close to the roots as you can, and then straighten out your hair properly. Once all of your hair is done straightening, just go over them again with your straightener for a finishing touch.

Now style your hair the way you like, and enjoy the frizz-free outcome of your dreams!

Final Words

As you can see, it’s quite easy to straighten out your frizzy hair when you have the right tricks up your sleeve. Not knowing these often leads us to believe that there’s no way we are going to end up with a frizz-free outcome, while the process is as easy as it can get.

We hope this simple guide has helped you understand how to achieve a frizz-free straightening outcome right at home. Make sure to give this method a try, and let your straight hair showcase its beauty as you step outside to take over the world with your hair!

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