How to hide extensions in very short hair

6 Steps to Hiding Extensions in Very Short Hair

Have you ever had that phase where you chopped off your hair and within a few days you wished your hair was long again? Girl, we know that feeling because we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. It’s just a sweet dilemma that makes us want to cry sometimes, but the solution to this problem is not that difficult!

Many women love to keep their natural hair short because they like something compact and comfortable. But you will also notice them flaunting longer hairstyles from time to time. If you are wondering how, then the answer lies within hair extensions that are becoming popular among hairstyling enthusiasts day by day. So let’s know about the whole thing right now!

What are Hair Extensions?

What are hair extensions

Hair extensions are basically artificial hair that can be attached to your natural hair in order to add length and volume. Your hair extensions can be made of synthetic or human hair, and they can be attached in different ways. The clip-in hair extensions are most popular when it comes to adding that length. Apart from that, there are some other variations which we are going to talk about in detail ahead.

How Many Types of Hair Extensions are There?

Apart from the fact that your hair extensions are available in different lengths, you can also use them in several ways based on your preference. These are the major types of hair extensions that you can pick for your hair:

  • Clip-in: you might already know a thing or two about clip-in hair extensions. These are literally one of the easiest to install. You just need to take the clip, place it on your hair, and clip it.
  • Tape-in: as the name suggests, tape-in hair extensions are applied to your hair using tape that is already placed on your extension. You just need to remove the tab of your tape, place one piece of extension on your hair, and then place another piece on top of that.
  • Nail Tip: these are also known as U-tip or Pre Bonded hair extensions. They are applied by heating up the keratin tip at the end of your extension, and these hair extensions take a longer time to be applied.
  • I-tip: also known as micro links or cold fusions, these extensions require a pulling hook, a plier, and microbeads to be installed properly. First of all, you need to take a strand of hair and then pull it through the pulling hook. Then take hold of a bead and pull your hair through. After that, take your I-tip and place it inside that bead. With the help of your plier, fix these two together and your work is done!
  • Machine Weft: this one can be attached to your hair by using glue, beads, or simply combine it with a hair system.
  • Hand Tied Weft: these are similar to machine weft but are made quite thin. They can be attached just like the machine wefts.
  • Halo: this hair extension is attached using a fishnet. Just pull up your hair and place the fishnet on top of your head. Then style the hair according to your wish.

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair?

If your hair is so short that you cannot braid it or make a bun out of it, then you might have already given up on the hope of wearing hair extensions. But the good news is, you can easily wear hair extensions on very short hair, only if you know the perfect process to do so. Ahead is our simple guide to making it happen!

Step 1: Prep Your Natural Hair

We will be talking about how to install your hair extensions on super short bob hair. First of all, part your hair in the middle and take about half an inch of hair from both sides of the parting. This will depend on the thickness of your hair. Separate a piece of hair from the back as well in a circular way, assemble all of these pieces of hair together and tie them up using a rubber band.

Step 2: Make Your Pigtails

As your hair is quite short, you simply cannot braid it or make a bun out of it before placing the hair extensions. So all you need to do is grab two rubber bands and make two pigtails on your nape area. These are going to be super short pigtails.

Step 3: Attach Your Extensions at the Back

Now comes the fun part. In this guide, we will let you know how to use the clip-in hair extensions as they are one of the easiest to attach and great for beginners. Make sure that the color of your hair extension matches your natural hair color. If you cannot match them, then simply pick the perfect length and take the hair to your hairstylist to dye it according to your natural hair color.

First of all, grab your 3-clip weft. Remember to brush out your extensions every time before attaching them to your natural hair. Place the 3-clip weft a little bit above the pigtails and clip it on. Pull the hair to check if it’s secured properly. After that, take a 4-clip weft and place it right above the 3-clip weft, leaving around half an inch gap. Clip it on and pull the hair to check again.

Make sure that you are doing the pulling test each time to ensure that the extensions are attached properly. Following the same process, attach another 4-clip weft just above your previous 4-clip weft. Now, as you have reached the point where you separated your hair in a circular way, you need to grab another 3-clip weft and attach it to that area in a U-shape.

Step 4: Place the Extensions at the Front

Now untie the hair that you separated in the very beginning. After brushing everything out and making a middle part again, take half of the half an inch of hair that you separated on each side beforehand. Let’s start with your left side first.

Keep that half of half an inch of hair separated and tuck in the rest of your natural hair on this side behind your ear. Take a 2-clip weft and clip it on as close as possible to your part. Then blend the separated hair with your extension with the help of your hairbrush and you will notice how natural it looks.

Follow the exact same step of separating your natural hair, attaching the 2-clip weft, and blending everything together on your right side as well.

Step 5: Use Your 1-clip Wefts

At this point, your work is basically done. However, if you want added volume, you can take your 1-clip wefts and place them where you want the volume to be.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once everything is set properly, you can use particular products on your hair to take care of the flyaways.

Brush out everything properly, and your hair extensions are now well hidden as well as properly placed on your super short hair!

Final Words

Hair extensions are fun to use and they can provide you with longer hair instantly. So on those days when you feel like you could have rocked a long hair look, just grab your extensions and attach them to your hair in order to get the dreamy long length.

Always make sure that the color of your natural hair and hair extensions match properly. Remember to choose the length of your extensions according to your preference. Last but not the least, follow the above mentioned guide and flaunt your hair extensions on super short hair like a pro!

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