How to do beach waves with a glat Iiron

How To Do Beach Waves With A Flat Iron? Get Summer-Vibes Easily At Home

Are you missing the summer heat and feel like enjoying it with the popular beach waves style sitting at the coast while sipping down your margarita? Well here’s your chance because this style has hit the pages of magazines again in 2024!

But a concern remains – is it really worth it to spend so much in a parlor to get a hairstyle that you’ll probably only wear on a sea beach? We are here to spare your pocket of that loss and teach you how to do beach waves with a flat iron at home!

With the most basic equipment like a flat iron, combs or hair clips, you’ll be able to land the most ravishing look by yourself! Since the procedure is broken down by someone who’s been working in the styling sector for a long time, be assured that we’ve chosen the least damaging way for achieving this style!

What Are Beach Waves?

What are beach waves

Beach waves are those loose curls that’s highly common in sea-beach areas. The curls aren’t aggressive and don’t take a toll on your natural texture – be that fine or curly. It’s often worn by celebrities and has become such a style that could be worn by people of any shape or age to look gorgeous in an instant!

From a stylist’s point of view, I think it’s one of those styles that are highly versatile and can be customized according to anyone’s taste. This is a great way to volumize your hair and enhance your cheekbones. This style generates a fluidity to your hair’s movement, which makes it a fun hairdo experience at all times!

Beach Waves How To: With A Flat Iron

Doing beach waves with flat iron

I’ve thoroughly described this DIY process and so have broken it down into seven short steps. Following each of them exactly should land you the desired look while maintaining your hair’s health!

Step 0: Picking The Device

There are tons of flat iron devices in the market and not all of them are suitable for a beach wave hairdo. Many people get confused between titanium or ceramic flat iron plates since there’s lack of knowledge on the matter, and that’s okay!

The preference should be based on your hair type & texture, like 4C hair is well-treated with certain flat irons while fine hair receives a better result with specialized flat irons. There are even unique mini flat irons that you’ll find handy if you have short hair!

However, in general I feel the tourmaline-made flat irons serve this case in the best way, you’ll just need to have a sound understanding of curling with flat iron if you have slightly longer hair.

Step 1: Wash & Dry

What many people won’t tell you is that washing before you put on beach waves is a handy step in the styling process. I’ve compared curling between washed & unwashed hair, the hair that’s been shampooed properly has generated finer results with minimum effort.

So I start with applying shampoo thoroughly and condition. It’s essential that you air dry your hair, because blow-drying a hair body that’ll go through flat irons isn’t optimum for your hair’s health. A lot of people I know flat iron their wet hair, but this style won’t produce expected results if you do so.

The air drying process might be time consuming, trust me, it’s the healthier approach for ensuring your hair’s nutrition and moisture.

Step 2: Partition Your Hair

After my hair is air dried completely, I start to partition them into smaller sections. For the top part, I generally tie it up into a bun and secure it with a band to keep it out of the way for the time being. The smaller portions should have around one inch width, so you can tell these are really thin sections.

After creating each partition, I fasten them with clips that are made for this purpose, or any general clip does the trick. Once I’m satisfied that I’ve properly distributed my hair body into smaller sections, now it’s time for the hair to receive some treatment.

Step 3: Apply Heat Protectant Serum

This is a must if you want to keep your hair strands out of harm’s way while proceeding with a flat iron. A layer of heat protectant serum not only prevents your hair from heat induced damage, but also maintains the integrity of texture after you’ve finished your beach waves.

What I do is, pinch out my heat protectant made out of natural ingredients on the palm of my hands and gently scrub them together to spread evenly. Then, I pick each of the sections of my partitioned hair and slide them through my palms from root to the tip. I keep repeating this procedure for the rest of my partitions until all of them are perfectly covered with the serum.

Step 4: Curl With Flat Iron

I usually do this with a clean flat iron at a precise temperature that suits my hair type. Once it’s ready, I pick out one of the partitions and loosely wrap it around my flat iron while holding it at an angle. As I start from the top, I keep it pressed for a couple of seconds until I twist it.

The pressing is important because that seals the texture into the curled position. Once the twisting is done, I open the clamp to let go of the hair section. Then I climb down to do the same thing for the remainder of the partition. At the fringe, I leave a couple of inches uncurled to make this style sustainable for a longer period of time.

Step 5: Repeat

The curling procedure needs to be repeated for the rest of the sections. Once I’m done with the side bits, I then let the top knot loose to have to go through the same treatment. I need to be careful while twisting my wrist, as a careless maneuver can burn my skin which I have often faced before.

Make sure that you don’t touch your hot hair strands right after curling because it can make your curls loose. This also can frizz up the texture slightly, so hands off until they cool down completely!

Step 6: Apply Sealer

When I’m satisfied with the result, I usually spray over a gentle sealer to hold my curls in place. You can pick one according to your hair’s texture. Such sealers generally help me maintain my beach waves style in public.

Step 7: Finishing Cream On The Fringes

Once everything is set, I go a little bit extra to apply some finishing cream on the fringes that I didn’t curl. This keeps each of the curl groups together and prevents them from falling apart. This also nourishes that area so that the hair body gets some moisture back after an intense session with heat!

After you’ve followed these seven steps the way I did, you’ll have some fancy beach waves to flaunt around on a sunny day!

Alternate Methods

If you feel that your hair is very fragile and going through such a procedure with flat iron can damage it beyond recovery, there are a couple of other methods you can try out to get beach waves. But remember, none of those methods will be able to generate a fine result that flat irons can.

One of these methods utilizes air drying. Tie your wet hair down to a styling belt after a shower and leave it overnight. You’ll find out a basic version of beach waves which you won’t be able to customize much.

Another method applies hair holding spray. Simply wrap your partitioned hair individually on your round hairbrush’s handle and spray the solution over the entire section. It creates beach waves in a rigid fashion which won’t have the liquid properties of this style made with a flat iron.


Let’s answer a couple of frequently asked questions to understand the beach waves with flat iron procedure a little further.

Q: What size flat iron is best for beach waves?

A: If you’re using a flat iron to get your beach waves, the width of the heat plates matter a lot to determine the curl size. Generally, 1” heat plates generate the best outcome for a perfect beach wave hairdo.

Q: Are beach waves Still in Style 2024?

A: Definitely! Beach waves are highly popular among fashionable women and it’s a common hairstyle in beach areas. This style is so highly-revered that even celebrities have tried it out every now and then in the most recent times!


We’ve come to the very end of our article where we shed light on the ‘how to do beach waves with a flat iron’ procedure. Since the beaches are filled with stylish women with beach waves, it’s high time you learned the ways you can do it yourself in the easiest possible way.

All it really takes for you to get it is a flat iron device and some knowledge on the matter that we’ve provided in this article. So now it’s time for you to rise and shine with your beach waves and dazzle everyone’s eyes with your supreme, new look!

Make sure to turn your flat iron off before you leave the house and go off to the sunny beach!

I am Emily. I am a hair care enthusiast, and I like writing about it. Reading books and styling hair is one of my greatest passions. I have a knack for creativity, and I find pleasure in making art. I love going out in the field and basking under the sun on a cold day. My life motto is: "you only live once."

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