Curl short hair with a flat iron

Easy Hacks To Curl Your Short Hair With A Flat Iron

Styling short hair can be a tricky job to do. Sometimes the length seems too short to style. But with the right tools, you don’t have to worry about your hair looking mundane.

We don’t give short hair the credit it deserves. It is a fun and exciting hair length that can actually bear more styles than we can even come up with.

The best amongst every other short hairstyle is the short hair curls. They look perfect together, and the wearer of this style looks as posh as they come.

To curl your hair, you need to have a curler, a blow dryer, a flat iron, a hairdryer, and other devices and products. A lot of the time, it feels like trouble to own so many devices that you need just for your hair.

It is a lot of stuff, and they cost too much.

The best solution is to own a flat iron only. Because it straightens your hair and it can be used as a good curler. If you are curious about how a flat iron is used to curl hair, you’re reading the right article.

How To Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron?

Curling your short hair with a flat iron is very easy. It requires less effort. The outcome of using a flat iron to style short hair is usually fantastic.

Short hairstyles have skyrocketed over the past couple of years, and people can not stop gushing over these styles. Short hair paired up with curls look fabulous, and it is fit for all occasions. This fancy look has captured people’s hearts, and everyone is trying their hands on it.

You will find the steps below of curling your short hair with a flat iron:

Step 1: Prepare your hair

For the first step, you have to prepare your hair so that the hairstyle looks beautiful. Greasy and sticky hair will not be a flattering look for you.

So, to avoid looking dull, you must wash your hair with a good shampoo. You should also use conditioner on your hair for better results. To protect your hair from heat, you must apply a heat protectant in the first step.

Step 2: Section your hair

In step 2, you have to section your hair from top to bottom. Collect half your locks on the top and secure them with a clip. Tie the bottom half with an elastic. This will make it easier to use the flat iron.

Step 3: Use the flat iron to create curls on your short hair

In step 3, you have to take sections of your hair and place them in the flat iron to style your hair. You can now style your hair in curls, waves, or beachy waves to achieve your desired look.

Below are some hairstyles and tricks that you can achieve with the help of a straightener:

Curly Curls

Curly curls are a great hairstyle that you can do with your flat iron. It comes out looking very natural and perfectly curled.

This is a style you want to wear at a party or other occasion. You can achieve this style in a few minutes if you have a flat iron.

You can follow the steps below to achieve this beautiful style using your straightener:

Step 1: Wash and blow-dry your hair for volume.

Step 2: Comb your hair and divide it into sections of 2.

Step 3: Clip your hair in place and start to iron one part at a time.

Step 4: To get this look, you should use a smaller flat iron.

Step 5: Now, you have to wrap your hair in the flat iron a few times and hold it for a few seconds.

Step 6: Repeat this action for your entire hair and run your finger through your locks to spread out your beautiful curls.

The beautiful curls with your short hair are a combination that will not go wrong. So, do not worry about your style and grab the flat iron to achieve these curls.

Wavy Curls

Wavy Curls

The wavy curls are beautiful, sensuous curls that add life and vibrance to your hair. It makes your hair look extra voluminous and allows it to move around with ease.

The wavy curls look great for a fancy occasion. You can wear it with formal or casual clothing. It isn’t too hard to mix and match outfits with this hairstyle.

Whatever you choose will look great with this style. The easy pair-up of clothes is a pro you get with this style.

This superb hairstyle might seem very hard to achieve but let me help you. It is a simple style that you can easily achieve with a flat iron.

Below are a few simple steps that you can follow to get the wavy curls with a flat iron:

Step 1: You must wash your hair to have that fresh and non-greasy look. Your hair mustn’t look oily or stick to your scalp if you want your hair to look voluminous.

Step 2: Now, make sections to create wavy curls on them. It is best to make four small sections, but two will suffice.

Step 3: Take hair and place it in the flat iron. Make two or three turns and glide it diagonally.

Step 4: Run your finger in the curl and set your hair the way you want. You can use a setting spray to lock your look at this point.

You are now ready to rock the party or the event. All your hard work will pay off.

Once people complement the wavy curls achieved so simply with your flat iron, you will feel proud of your hairstyle.

Marilyn Monroe Curls

Marilyn Monroe Curls

The Marilyn Monroe curls are very popular. People are obsessed with style because the style icon herself wore it for the longest time.

She appeared in this style so much that people started calling it the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle.

People have fallen in love with this style back in the 50s. It doesn’t fail to make you look very posh and stylish. It is an iconic hairstyle that is quite easy to achieve with the help of a flat iron.

Step 1: Make sections of your hair.

Step 2: Then, use the flat iron to create beautiful curls.

Step 3: Now clip your hair systematically with bobby pins to give it a voluminous look.

Step 4: Once you are done clipping your hair, use a hairspray to set your hair in place.

Now you have the most beautiful curls, and you are ready to win over this world with your beautiful hairstyle. 

Beach Wave Curls

Beach Wave Curls

The beach wave curls are a trending hairstyle of this century. Everyone is trying hard to get the perfect beachy look.

This hairstyle makes you look fun, exciting, adventurous, and flawless.

You can go to a party wearing this hairstyle or to the beach. You are fit for all occasions.

The beach waves are quite a simple style to achieve if you follow the steps given below:

To get this style, you will need a round brush, a blow dryer, and a few products to get the beachy, sea-salt look.

You can use a flat iron to achieve a perfect look if you have short hair.

Step 1: Prepare your hair. Apply volumizing dry shampoo. It is perfect for fine hair that doesn’t hold curls for too long. Use a thickening spray for extra volume. You will also need to use a heat protectant.

Step 2: Take sections of your hair from the front. Put your hair in the flat iron at least from two inches below. Twist your halfway, and then pull it down.

Repeat this action on all your hair, but mix up the directions of your curls for an authentic look.

Step 3: You can add a little bit of Moroccan oil to it for extra shine, scrunch up your hair and run your fingers through them to get the perfect look.

You have now successfully achieved the beach waves. It is a superb style that you can do all by yourself and rock the look.


Is a flat iron safe to curl short hair?

Ans. It is very safe to use a flat iron to curl your hair. Flat irons help you achieve the perfect curls without a lot of stress. It is a great way to curl and straighten your hair, all at once.

How to protect hair from flat iron heat?

Ans. You have to use a heat protectant to avoid overheating of your hair that leads to fried and damaged hair. It is best to apply a repairing hair mask after you use heat to style your hair for better results.

How can I make curls last longer with a straightener?

Ans. To make your curls last longer, you have to use setting spray and dry shampoo. These allow you to thicken your hair and absorb the moisture formed from any sebum.

You can also use hair wax and clips to help your curls last longer.


Curls are a great way to style your short hair. They look amazing on this length, and you exude great energy with this look.

It is quite easy to achieve all the curls mentioned above just with the help of your flat iron. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and show off your short hair in different curls every day.

I am Emily. I am a hair care enthusiast, and I like writing about it. Reading books and styling hair is one of my greatest passions. I have a knack for creativity, and I find pleasure in making art. I love going out in the field and basking under the sun on a cold day. My life motto is: "you only live once."

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