How to clean a flat iron

How To Clean A Flat Iron: 6 Simple Tips And Tricks

Flat irons are an invention that all women are very grateful for. It helps us in so many different ways. We can straighten or even curl our hair with the help of a flat iron.

This remarkable invention of Isaac K. Shero has been a gift to women. It has been helpful in multiple events.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a lady without a straightener or a flat iron. Flat irons are a great companion when it comes to getting dressed because it helps us to bring out the best look in us by styling our hair perfectly.

It is an essential device for our hair that we tend to use regularly. We rarely clean flat irons, even after using them for months and sometimes years. To make it stay longer and work properly, we must clean our flat iron.

If you are looking for an article that will explain how to clean a flat iron, this is it. You are reading the right piece to get your flat irons cleaned.

When To Clean Flat Irons?

When to clean flat iron

Usually, it depends on how long you have been using your flat iron. If you use your flat iron daily, it’s best to clean the flat iron every week.If you use it a few times a month, you should clean your flat iron every six months. If you use it once in a while, clean your flat iron at least once a year.

It is also important to keep in check whether the iron plates have collected a lot of muck on it. If it looks too dirty then you know for sure that it needs a deep cleaning.

Why Clean Flat Irons?

It is essential to clean your flat iron, just like any other product that you own. We always clean our makeup brushes because we know how much residue is left behind in them.

In the same way, the flat irons also collect grease, hair spray, and oils from our hair, and it forms residue on the flat iron plates.

Flat irons that have not been cleaned in a while are damaging for the hair. Because there will be a lot of buildups, it will stick to our hair when straightening.

This makes the straightener work less efficiently as the gunk forms on it. It will make straightening your hair a tardy task.

6 Simple Tricks To Clean Your Flat Iron

There are a few different ways to clean the flat iron. You can clean it with just a cloth and water. You can use acetone nail polish remover, alcohol, relaxer, vinegar, etc.

Below are a few ways you can clean your flat iron:

Clean The Flat Iron Using A Cotton Ball

Clean the flat iron using a cotton ball

First, you need to see that your flat iron is unplugged and cooled off. Then dip some cotton balls in an alcohol solution.

Use these cotton balls to gently rub the iron plates, to clean the residue off of them. Then use a cotton bud, dipped in the same solution to clean the crevices.

Once you have cleaned everything with alcohol, clean the whole device with a cloth dipped in water for best results.

Use Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide

Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

In this method, you have to make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. First, you have to add a teaspoon of baking soda in a small bowl, then add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. Then mix the two until it forms a paste-like consistency.

Once you have prepared the paste, check if the flat iron is unplugged. If not, unplug the flat iron and check if it is cooled down.

After you make sure that it is cooled down and unplugged, you rub the mixture on the flat iron plates with your finger. You will see that the muck is coming off the iron with ease. You don’t even have to use  pressure to get it off.

Once all the gunk has come off. Wipe the flat iron plates with a damp microfiber towel and let them air dry completely.

You have to see that you don’t let the mixture seep into the device.

If this happens, it will ruin your flat iron and may cause electrocution due to the liquids in the wiring.

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

To use the acetone nail polish remover, you soak cotton balls in acetone. Then you can use those soaked cotton balls to rub on the flat iron plates. You will notice that the residue is coming off gradually.

You can use a paper towel or a sponge to rub the surface. It will allow you to clean the flat iron easily. You can then wipe the external body of the flat iron with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Always make sure that your flat iron is not warm and that it is unplugged. To avoid direct contact with acetone, you can wear gloves to protect your hands. This is a simple process to clean your flat iron, and it will let you use your iron for a longer time.


Vinegar is a superb home remedy for your dirty flat irons. It easily removes the muck from the iron plate. All you have to do is just soak the iron plates with vinegar. Take a paper towel and soak it first in the vinegar. Then take the paper towel and place it on the flat iron plates.

Take it off after ten to fifteen minutes. While taking off the paper towel, rub it in the flat iron plates, and you will see how smoothly the gunk comes off.

After cleaning the plates, wipe them with a towel and clean the exterior. Before this, see that the flat iron is unplugged and cooled off. You don’t want to end up burning your hands.

Detergent With Toothbrush Or Scrubber

Detergent with toothbrush or scrubber

To use the toothbrush or scrubber, you have to use detergent. First, you need to plug out your flat iron, then let it cool completely. You then have to apply the detergent with the help of a toothbrush or a scrubber and scrub it.

Don’t apply too much pressure, or it will ruin your flat iron plates. Gently rub the surface and see the residue come off. Once you get your flat iron rid of the gunks, wipe it with a warm damp microfiber towel, and let it dry.

You now have a clean flat iron that will smoothly glide over your hair when you use it to straighten it.



To use the relaxer, you should apply an ample amount on the flat iron plates. You then have to plug in the flat iron, turn it on, and set it to maximum heat. You have to leave your flat iron on for about ten to fifteen minutes.

After fifteen minutes, use a damp microfiber towel to rub it off the flat iron plates while it still cools down. You should then use the same cloth to wipe the entire flat iron to clean it properly.

Following these rules, you will end up with a cleaner flat iron that will straighten your hair and allow you to make it last longer.


The main precautions that you must follow while cleaning your flat iron are:

  • Unplug your flat iron
  • Let it cool down
  • Use gloves
  • Use safety goggles if needed
  • Wear a mask to avoid inhaling harmful gasses

By following these rules, you make sure that you keep yourself away from harm.

When To Discard Flat Irons?

When you see that after trying all the above-mentioned tips, tricks, and techniques, you still fail to remove the mucky residue from your flat iron plates, it is time to discard it.

This is the time when you get yourself a new flat iron because if you keep using the old one, it will definitely damage your hair.

You will also have to get a new one when you see that, even after cleaning the plates, your flat iron isn’t heating properly.


How will I know that my flat iron is clean?

Ans. Once you see that there is no more residue on the flat iron plates, your iron is cleaned. You can now use it to straighten your hair.

Is it important to clean flat iron?

Ans. If you want to keep your flat iron for a long time then yes. Cleaning your flat iron from time to time is helpful for your hair as well as for its own longevity.

Final Takeaway

The flat iron is a device that we want to last for long as it can be quite expensive. So, to make it last longer, we have to keep its plates clean and free of gunk.

If we let the residue buildup, then it will be a hassle to straighten our hair later, and the flat iron will not be able to glide across our hair smoothly.

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