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Flat Iron Sizes: Pick The Right One For Your Hair Type

Flat irons come in different shapes and sizes. All hairstylists and enthusiasts are aware of this, and they use this knowledge for their benefit.

You can not use the same flat iron for all styles if you want. There are various lengths and widths of the plates.

The different shapes and sizes of flat irons exist for a reason. You have to understand what each of these is used for.

If you are looking for an article that will clear your confusion about the various flat iron shapes and sizes and what they are used for, you are reading the article that will help you out.

In this article, we will learn about the different sizes and shapes and why we need to know them. Which sizes and shapes are right for your hair type, and which flat iron you should buy.

Why Should You Pick The Right Flat Iron Type?

Why Pick The Right Flat Iron Type

You must pick the right flat iron size for your hair. The size and width of the flat iron determine how much heat can be transferred to your hair.

You will need wide plates to run over your hair without missing any strands.

The smaller flat irons help in detailing your hair and creating various textures. They also come in handy when you want to create curls in different areas of your hair, like behind your ears, etc.

The type of flat iron you pick will vary with the type of hair you have. You have to use two different flat irons depending on your hair type.

If your hair type is thick with tight curls, you will have to use a broad flat iron to straighten your hair and a smaller flat iron to define your hair and add more texture and dimensions.

Flat Iron Size Chart

Plate SizeHair LengthHair Texture
0.5 - 0.75 inch wideAnyFine
1 – 1.25 inch wideShort (Above Shoulder) LengthNormal/ Medium Thick/ Wavy
1 – 1.5 inch wideMedium (Shoulder) LengthNormal/ Medium Thick/ Wavy
1.5 – 2 inch wideLong (Below Shoulder) LengthNormal/ Medium Thick/ Wavy
1.5 – 2 inch wideShort (Above Shoulder) LengthCoarse, Thick, Curly
1.5 – 2 inch wideMedium (Shoulder) LengthCoarse, Thick, Curly

Before You Buy

If you are not a professional hairdresser, then it will be quite a hassle for you to understand which flat iron is good for you.

This guide will help you find what is perfect for your hair type. To buy a flat iron that is both effective and safe for you to use on your hair, you have to read the pointers mentioned below in 3 separate sections that have been curated just for you.

Small Flat Irons

Small Flat Irons

Small flat irons come in the smallest sizes. They come in sizes between 0.5 inches to 0.75 inches. You can use them to straighten your short hair or pixies.

This size is a great option if you have super short hairstyles like the short bob or the pixie. These tiny irons come in handy for detailing and straightening the edges that bend inwards after straightening the edges.

If you are amongst the people who use their hair straighteners to curl their hair, this is definitely a great option for you. These flat irons can be used for making tight curls or for creating beautiful waves.

If you want a straightener that is compact, portable and you can use to make your hair look stylish, you should buy a flat iron that ranges between 0.5 to 0.75 inches. This is a great size for fine, damaged, slightly wavy, or fragile hair.

Medium Flat Irons

Medium Flat Irons

Medium flat irons or regular irons range between 1.0 inches to 1.5 inches. This is perfect for all hairdos. On regular mid-length hair, it’s the most effective.

For coarse and thick, medium-length hair the flat iron size may increase upto 2.0 inches. This hair type requires wider flat irons and higher heat to get them straight.

They cover up all your sections neatly and allow your hair to look sleek and soft. You can use it on your thick and wavy medium hair length.

This iron will aid in the creation of loose curls than the smaller ones. Because the process takes less time than with the tiny flat iron, this is the perfect size flat iron for curling and giving your hair different styles.

This is the flat iron size to use if you want to give your hair some trendy curls or beach waves. The style capabilities of a mid-sized or a regular flat iron is another factor to consider getting this one.

The performance of a large iron is inferior to that of small and medium irons. So, if you want to have more than just a straightening gadget, you must get this one, as it will be perfect for styling your hair in any way you like.

Large Flat Irons

Large Flat Irons

Large flat irons range between 1.5 inches to 2.0 inches. These flat irons are perfect for straightening extra voluminous and long hair.

They are also great for thick and coarse hair. These flat irons are great for loose curls, natural African American hair, and spiral hair.

The large flat irons are great if you want to get done with straightening as soon as possible. This is possible because you can straighten more hair sections together due to the width of the flat iron plate.

The large flat irons are a big no for fine and damaged hair. It may fry your fine hair as they run out of moisture when you straighten them. For these fine hair and baby hair, you should use small irons.

These flat irons have extra heat capabilities due to their size. So, it will be best to use the large flat irons only for straightening long, thick, and coarse hair instead of silky or fine hair.

If you have super long hair, then the 2.0 inches flat iron will be very helpful as it can manage to control your long hair, unlike the other straighteners.


Q1. What is the best flat iron size to create curls?

Ans. If you want to make tight curls, then it is best suggested that you go for the smaller flat irons. These range between 0.5 to 0.75 inches.

For loose curls and waves, the medium flat iron is best. It ranges between 1.0 to 1.5 inches.

Q2. Which flat iron size is perfect for all hair types?

Ans. Usually, there are different sizes for different hair types. If you want to buy one that everyone can use, it is advised to buy a medium-sized flat iron. It ranges between 1.0 to 1.5 inches.

Medium-sized are also known as regular-sized flat irons. Most people buy this one for multi-purpose use.

Final Verdict

In this article, we covered what will be the perfect flat iron for your hair type and which will be the most suitable for your hair based on its length.

With all this information about the perfect flat iron size and which one you should get, you cannot be confused anymore.

So, go ahead and grab the hair straightener that is best for your hair type, and style it anyway your heart desires.

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