Flat iron hairstyles

6 Creative Flat Iron Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Have you ever thought about styling your hair using a flat iron? Did this ever occur to you that a flat iron can be more useful than just straightening your hair? Well, you are in luck, because flat irons can do a whole bunch of other styles with your hair than just straightening them.

Hair makes up three-quarters of a person’s personality, and if you go wrong with your hair, you know for sure it can be a disaster.

Every hairstyle is unique in its own way, and everyone has the right to wear their hair the way they want to feel confident and look good. Messing up your hairstyle can be traumatizing because it may take a long time to fix it.

If you are someone who has always been super concerned about their hairstyles then this article will help you figure out ways to style your hair with a flat iron. You will find various hairstyles that you can easily achieve with the help of the straightener that you had with you all along.

There is a reason why girls are obsessed with their flat irons. Flat irons are a gift to mankind because they have made our lives easier. We can do so much with just one flat iron. Flat iron hairstyles are a blessing in disguise, and it’s time for us to acknowledge that.

In this article, we will talk about all the cool hairstyles we can achieve with a flat iron and how we can achieve a hairstyle using a flat iron. You will also find a few tips and tricks at the end of the article if you read the whole piece.

Trendy Flat Iron Hairstyles That Will Never Go Old

Trendy Flat Iron Hairstyles

Flat style hairstyles have become very popular lately, especially because they are very easy to achieve, and you do not have to spend a tonne of money at the hair salon.

It is also a better option because you can style your hair by yourself which allows you to achieve exactly what you want without having to explain every little detail to someone else.

You are in control of your own style, and you get to decide how you twist and turn each strand of your hair.

With that being said, you must also know exactly which style will suit you and what will be fitting with your look.

There are a variety of hairstyles you can achieve using a flat iron. You can do anything from a simple straight hair look to a crazy updo with fringes and bangs. It depends on what you choose and how you decide to style it.

Wearing the right attire and a pair of shoes also plays a big role in making you stand out. So choose your style wisely from the list of flat iron hairstyles mentioned below:

Curved Hairstyle

Curved hairstyle

The curved hairstyle is very subtle and soft. This sophisticated hairstyle can be achieved using a flat iron quite easily. You basically have to straighten your hair using the flat iron, but you have to pull the straightener in a curved motion. Doing so will allow you to get the curved shape on your hair.

This hairstyle is perfect for all settings. You can wear this hairstyle to a cocktail party, pairing it with a long slit dress and a pair of sparkling ankle straps.

This is an amazing look and if you like this style, you can go for it without worrying about your face type because it suits all facial structures and is perfect for anyone with medium-length hair.

Straight Bob

Straight bob

The straight bob is a very cultured and polished hairstyle that is perfect for you if you want to go for a hairstyle that you can easily achieve with a flat iron.

This hairstyle is the easiest to achieve and takes the least amount of time. If you are in a hurry and you want your hair to look stunning in a few minutes, then this is the hairstyle for you.

The flat iron is a magic wand for the hair because it can literally change the way your hair looks and feels just after a single swipe of the flat iron.

You can obviously wear this hairstyle to any event you want because look at it, it is a fine hairstyle. It is most suitable for a professional setting like a meeting or for work-related setups. It is also a great look for family get-togethers or an airport look.

Short Curls

Short Curls

If you thought you can’t style your short hair, you could not have been more wrong. There is room for everyone here. Don’t shy away because you have short hair. The flat iron is a device that can be used for all hair lengths and hairstyles.

The short curls right here are a great example of your short hair. It is quite simple to achieve this hairstyle using the small flat irons. These flat irons are about 0.7 to 1 cm wide. These skinny flat irons are perfect for your short hair because you can easily use this to curl or make waves.

You can achieve this look in a few minutes and look ready to conquer the day with your hair looking like a boss.

Spiral Curls

Spiral curls hairstyles

Spiral curls are a perfect hairstyle for anyone who has thin hair. You can achieve this flat hairstyle quite easily.

To achieve this hairstyle you have to twist your flat iron a few times away from your hair and pull the flat iron down so that you end up with beautiful spiral curls.

You can run your fingers through the spirals to loosen them a little bit, but do not overdo it because then the spirals will be gone.

This is a very fun hairstyle, and it makes you look like you are up for everything and ready to go wild at the after-party. This hairstyle is perfect for clubbing or the disco. You could also wear this beautiful hairstyle to a concert or Coachella.

No matter where you go with this flat iron hairstyle, people will notice you and compliment you on your hairstyle.

Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy hairstyles are the most beautiful and loved hairstyles among all the hairstyles that you can achieve using a flat iron. This hairstyle gives you a natural look and allows you to show off your hair length.

This sweet hairstyle has a summery vibe and is perfect for a picnic or a day out. You can either wear this hairstyle with a summer dress or you can pair it up with a t-shirt, jeans, beanie, and a pair of Chelsea boots, and voila! You are ready to take on the day.

This simple yet aesthetic hairstyle is great for people with round and chubby faces because it helps to create more dimension and makes your face look elongated by the way the waves frame your face. If you like this hairstyle, grab your flat iron and get going with it.

Pulled Back

Pulled Back

The pulled-back hairstyle is a classic flat iron hairstyle. This look requires you to straighten your hair using flat iron. You have to make sure you straighten your hair from top to bottom properly. Try not to leave out any strands of hair because that will not go with this look.

Once you have straightened your hair properly, use a clip or a claw clip, and pull back the front top part of your hair and clip it securely. This hairstyle looks almost like a half-up half-down hairstyle, but you are not creating a bun here. You can if you want to, but it looks much better when you secure it with a clip.

If this hairstyle is your favorite, you are in luck because it takes only a couple of minutes to get this wonderful look.

How To Do A Flat Iron Hairstyle?

There are way too many hairstyles out there that you can achieve with the help of a flat iron. All these hairstyles have different techniques and look. You can not expect to style all the flat iron hairstyles using one technique.

However, the hairstyle that is the most famous amongst the flat iron hair stylists is the waves. The waves look extraordinary with your hair down, and it looks ethereal on everyone.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to achieving this elegant and magnificent hairstyle that I have put together for you. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Step 1: Brush your hair to get rid of all the tangles and knots.

Step 2: Spray a little bit of heat protectant on your or a serum to protect your hair from the flat iron heat.

Step 3: Straighten your a little, you don’t have to make this perfect. At this stage, you are straightening your hair to get rid of your natural waves and curls.

Step 4: Section your hair into 2 parts first. Use a clip or a scrunchy to keep your hair from getting mixed.

Step 5: Start with a small section on one side. Take a small section and put it between the plates of your flat iron. Twist it away from your face and pull it with a little tension to it. The end result should leave you with curls that look like this.

Step 6: Repeat the step on the other side.

Step 7: Once you have curled all your hair, it’s time to make it look undone. So, you have to run your fingers through your hair and loosen up the curls.

Step 8: Use the flat iron to tug at the end of your hair to make it look straight. The straight ends make your hairstyle much prettier.

You now have the steps to achieve a perfect hairstyle using your flat iron. This hairstyle will take about thirty to forty minutes tops, given that you have a good flat iron.


In this article, I have touched base with flat iron hairstyles and how to achieve them. It contains almost all the information you may need, yet I have answered some of the frequently asked questions by our readers. Read it out to find something that might benefit you as well.

Q1. Are flat iron hairstyles suitable for all hair types?

Ans. Flat iron hairstyles are suitable for all hair types. No matter how thin or coarse hair you have, you can trust a flat iron to turn your hair into a beautiful style. You do not have to worry about your hair being a certain type because flat irons have various settings that you can use for your hair type. To know more, read the Flat Iron Temperature Guide To Keep Your Hair Healthy.

Q2. Can a flat iron hairstyle damage your hair?

Ans. A flat iron hairstyle can be damaging if you use more heat than required for your hair type. Using extreme high temperatures will definitely harm your hair and may result in irreversible damage. Though you can prevent this from happening by using heat protectants and heat serums that will help your hair to recover from this damage.

Q3. Will the flat iron hairstyles look as good as salon hairstyles?

Ans. Flat iron hairstyles will definitely look as amazing as salon hairstyles, but here’s the catch. You actually have to know how to properly style your hair. You can not just run your flat iron over your hair a few times and expect it to look like someone from the Selling Sunset show. You have to practice first because practice makes perfect, and then you can compete with your salon hairstyles.


Flat iron hairstyles are super easy to achieve, and we can just sit back and relax before a big event if we have a flat iron with us.

We need not worry about booking an appointment at a hair salon or with a hairstylist to come over and do our hair. We have all that we need, and we can easily do all the amazing styles by ourselves.

Flat irons may not seem like much, but if you know how to use one, you basically have a key to a whole nother world of convenience and effortlessness, yet elegant.

With all the beautiful hairstyles mentioned above, I am sure you have picked your style and are ready to try it out with your flat iron. If not, then I’d suggest you better get to it before it’s too late.

I am Emily. I am a hair care enthusiast, and I like writing about it. Reading books and styling hair is one of my greatest passions. I have a knack for creativity, and I find pleasure in making art. I love going out in the field and basking under the sun on a cold day. My life motto is: "you only live once."

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