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13 Flat Iron Brands That Are Worth The Investment!

Over the decades, a flat iron has really made its name in the grooming scene. It is a useful tool for some, and an essential for most. While applying heat to hair is considered a harmful activity, when used in moderation, a flat iron can work wonders for hair. Supplying an even amount of heat to all the sections of the wearer’s hair, a flat iron is also frequently introduced to one’s hair styling routine because of how easy it is to use and the versatility it brings to the table.

On the other hand, while using what is also called a hair straightener, picking the right one might be extremely difficult for a person, especially if they have zero to little knowledge regarding the tool itself. Don’t worry about it, however. We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll be covering all our favorite flat iron brands that are definitely worth the investment and the money!

13 Flat Iron Brands to Amp Up Your Hair Game

There are various flat iron brands that will be able to meet one’s requirements. However, not all of them might be convenient to buy, either due to their longevity, or their price. Here are the very few brands you should look into before coming to a final decision!



HSI is a firm that is known for their salon quality styling tools. Being consistent is an easy task for this brand, as they’ve consistently improved the quality of their products and the quantity of their options over the course of the past few years.

Catered to those that have a slightly higher budget, HSI is the best brand for its price! It offers maximum results with minimum damage, as the items drop their temperature 15 minutes after they’re put to use. They are known for being extremely fast and tend to show effective results, even on fine hair.

Moreover, when purchasing one of their flat irons, users will also get access to and be provided with multiple accessories to ease down the ironing process. Items such as gloves, argan oil heat protectant spray, argan oil conditioner, and a pouch often accompany each of their flat iron.



Among all the successful ventures that Conair Corporation has had since its establishment, Babyliss is the one of the very many that stands out. Based in Connecticut, this brand specializes in making styling tools as well as essential equipment for grooming.

While the brand itself has gained a massive amount of following for its trimmers and shavers, the styling tools of the brand are also in high-demand at all times. Their flat irons are sleek and effective, with titanium materials to make the hair shiny and smooth in no time. Although purchasing one of the hair straighteners might require users to spend a hefty amount, it is surely one of the most reliable hairstyling brands, with digital temperature adjustment and an automatic time for shutoff.



CHI is a brand that needs no introduction. It has been one of the most reliable firms in the beauty industry for quite some time now. Apart from providing futuristic styling tools, CHI’s incentive is to make things easier for the youth, especially the ones that want to pursue a career in hairdressing. It has one of the finest institutions that offers various cosmetology programs to people, which surely contributes to shaping up the future of hairdressing.

Apart from its bright future, CHI is widely recognized for their ergonomically friendly flat irons. They offer a range of flat irons that usually vary in size, but are suitable for all hair types. They also sell high quality premium flat irons as well as mediocre ones with a convenient price tag, which is one of the reasons why they’re one of the most favorable brands on this list.



Surviving a bad hair day is always a tough task to achieve, but it was even harder to deal with in the early 2000s. So, to subside the intensity of the situation, three professional hairdressers joined forces in 2003, and didn’t look back.

Today, GHD, also known as Good Hair Day, remains one of the most trustworthy brands in the beauty industry. They are known for their versatile styling equipment that are of exceptional quality.

Amongst all their styling tools, the product that stands out the most is their flat iron, which doesn’t come off as a surprise. The brand has put in years of work and relentless research to manufacture flat irons that ensure safety while maintaining efficiency. Their irons can be used on all hair types without compromising the quality of the hair.

Even though the cheapest flat iron amongst their lineup has a price tag that most would call “unfavorable” and “expensive”, there is no doubt that GHD is an essential for all hair experts and hair fanatics out there.



Croc is a brand that is not only recognized for creating products with incomparable quality, but also products with good visuals. While it might require a person to extend their budget a bit, it’s definitely worth the price. It prioritizes safety and shuts off automatically after 40 minutes of no-use. Also, the flat irons usually contain negative ion generators, which prevents hair damage by sealing cuticles.

All in all, if people put their money in Croc, they won’t be disappointed. Although most of their items cater people with long hair, there are loads of flat irons that are suitable for all hair types.



Made with ergonomic components, Kipozi is a brand that is affordable and effective. It comes with an option where users can set the temperature, and the plates each flat iron contains are  wider and curvy, which is extremely safe for those with fragile hair. It is also made with nano-technology, which enables fast, smooth, and effective styling.

All in all, investing in this brand would be great for experts and even better for beginners due to its affordability and unparalleled quality.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Mainly known for its shampoos and conditioners, Paul Mitchell is also an excellent brand for those that don’t wanna risk it and make an expensive purchase. It’s been in the beauty industry for almost half a century now and has always been consistent with the quality of its products.

When it comes to their flat irons, all of them are catered to everyone. Whether it’s a user with fine silky hair or a person with thick, coarse hair, the flat irons of Paul Mitchell will hardly let anyone down. They tend to leave one’s hair with instant shine and a frizz free texture. They are also made of ceramic plates, which help the iron with spreading heat evenly to all the sections of one’s hair.



This brand is perhaps the underdog on this list. Based in Glasgow, the brand was founded by hair stylist Irvine Rusk with the incentive of producing styling products and items that are reliable and consistent. While they are widely acknowledged for their flat irons, they mainly specialize in making hair dyes and styling products such as hair wax.

Furthermore, their flat irons offer reliable and exceptional quality with a mid-tier price tag. Their irons are made of components that allow users to control their frizz as well as make their hair more manageable. The cord they contain is also a whopping 9 inches, so don’t hesitate to move around when using it.

In addition to offering reliability, Rusk offers its users with a time-friendly session, as it tends to heat up quickly and shows admirable results in no time.

Hot Tools

Hot Tools

When a group of professional stylists come together to form a brand that manufactures styling tools, this is what you get!

Established over two decades ago, Hot Tools is a brand that’s renowned for their superior quality styling tool, especially their 24k gold flat irons!

Known for its well built structure, the flat irons are a must-have for people that want to play it safe when making their purchase. They are very easy to use due to how light they are, and come with an LED display which is extremely easy to read. They also allow users to change the temperature of the iron as much as they please.

Moreover, apart from all the benefits mentioned above, Hot Tools is an ideal brand for those that want a flat iron that is versatile since it works for all hair types, which could be one of the reasons why it’s Amazon’s first choice when it comes to flat irons.



For almost a century, Revlon has been a frontrunner amongst its competitors. They specialize in cosmetics, skincare, and grooming, which doesn’t make their appearance on this list as surprising as it’s supposed to be.

This brand’s flat irons are meant for those that are working around a tight budget due to how reasonable they are to purchase. While most of them  only come with a high and low temperature setting, it is made with ceramic, which prevents damage by spreading heat onto the hair evenly. Similarly to the first option, this flat iron brand is also extremely versatile and can be used by anyone and everyone regardless of their hair type.

In addition to its versatility, this brand has tools that are easy to travel with due to their small framed structure. It is also on the lighter side, making it easier for the users to change directions when ironing their hair.

All in all, this brand is a win-win for experts and for beginners due to its affordable price and its relentless versatility and should definitely be incorporated for daily use if one wants their hair to retain its moisture when styling it. Loads of them also turn off automatically after an hour, which is a plus to those that have a laid back approach.



Catered to those that are much more lenient and smart with their expenditure, T3 is a brand that had to fight each day to earn their respect. While the prices of their flat irons are higher as opposed to most of the brands on this list, T3 flat irons contain technological advancements that aren’t common amongst the tools of their competitors.

Although some of them lack a display for temperature, flat irons of this brand are suitable for all hair types. They offer an easy and quick method of styling the hair and bring to the table 5 temperature options on an average for the users. They also tend to shut down automatically after an hour, which could save one’s hair if they snooze off during the ironing process.

Additionally, besides the fact that they can be used by everyone, the flat irons are known for their quickness and tend to heat up in under a minute!



Remington is a brand that solely started with the aim to enhance one’s hair care routine. Apart from their durable and easy to use flat irons, Remington is renowned for the shaving tools that they manufacture. The quality of their items is one of the reasons why they are second to none amongst shaving brands for women in their region.

When it comes to straighteners, this brand is a great choice for beginners. While their items lack various features that most items on this list have, the options Remington offers will allow a novice to determine whether using a flat iron would be good for their hair. They are quick and simple to use. Despite their items having only one styling option, they tend to heat up very quickly, allowing the users to have a brief but effective ironing session.

In addition to how affordable they are, each product of theirs is made to serve a separate purpose and caters a different hair type. This is a huge advantage for those with basic knowledge as they can just pick the item that is catered to their hair type instead of looking into the specifications.



Drybar is a California-based salon that solely caters to those that need to enhance their hair through straightening them. While they offer a range of services to customers and are extremely versatile, they are known for their blowouts, which are of exceptional quality.

Although they offered in-house services when the company announced its debut, they soon transitioned to the e-commerce world due to the pandemic. The move was not only convenient for the consumers, but also for the business as their fanbase drastically grew overnight.

When it comes to their flat irons, Drybar’s items are known for their space-friendly design and advanced specifications. For instance, their items have the involvement of titanium technology, which is effective at preventing frizz and protecting the cuticles of one’s hair.

They have only made two flat irons so far, but both of them are catered to all types of hair and are known for being worth the investment.


Picking a flat iron might be immensely difficult for those that are first-timers. Since having a bad experience is the last thing we want our readers to have, below are some queries we’ve addressed that will surely educate them even more about flat irons and keep all the bad juju away.

Question: Will using a flat iron damage my hair?

Answer: Unfortunately, every styling tool comes with a price, and a flat iron is no exception. Using a flat iron can be helpful, but should come with a limit. Since everyone’s hair is fragile and vulnerable to heat damage, using a flat iron frequently will damage the ends, causing split ends and burned cuticles.

To prevent this, one should always invest in a flat iron that will go easy on their hair. For instance, if you have hair that is already damaged, use a flat iron that will add moisture to your hair while straightening it.

Question: Which flat iron should I buy?

Answer: This answer ultimately depends on your hair type. There are 3 types of flat irons that most brands have, that usually cater to 3 categories of hair: curly, thick, and fine.

Those with thin hair should invest in a flat ceramic iron. As they reduce frizz, applying it on thin hair will smoothen the edges of thin hair without compromising its density. Ceramic also adapts well to heat, protecting those with thin hair from heat damage.

Additionally, those with thick hair should invest in titanium flat irons. Since they heat up quickly, users do not need to straighten one section multiple times before achieving their desired look. Due to its structure, titanium flat irons also tend to hold heat at a consistent temperature for longer periods of time.

Lastly, people with curly hair should invest in tourmaline flat irons. Due to how effective it is at a lower temperature, a tourmaline flat iron will be more gentle on crinkly curly hair as opposed to the other two flat irons, refraining the hair from obtaining unnecessary damage.

Question: How often should I flat iron my hair?

Answer: While this answer also depends on one’s hair type and texture, hair straighteners should not be used more than once a week. Doing so will definitely bring heat damage to the table, eventually leading to temporary hair loss.

Additionally, those with natural curly hair should only iron their hair once a month as going over the limit will ruin the texture and consistency of their natural locks.

Final Verdict

We hope this write-up helps you with learning about flat irons and the brands you should put your money into. Remember that your experience solely depends on your hair type. Make sure to put your faith in a brand that caters to your budget, but more importantly the texture of your hair. Failing to do so might damage the hair indefinitely, which is something that we’d like you to avoid.

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