Drybar Single Shot Vs Double Shot

Drybar Single Shot Vs Double Shot: Significant Differences Highlighted By Experts

Struggling to choose between barrel shapes for your curling iron? Don’t know which one you’d get the most benefit out of based on your requirements? Consequently, if you’re perplexed with the Drybar Single Shot vs Double Shot debate in such a context, we believe our knowledge will help you detangle this fix!

These two unique products feature similar characteristics at hindsight, but digging deeper should shed light on the fact that they have very specific operations. It might not seem apparent from scrolling through the features, rather it requires deductive analysis to comprehend the speciality of these devices.

We’ll help you in this regard in today’s article, as our experts have practical knowledge to share about these two curling irons. Going through the comparative feature analysis should be enough to guide your way toward picking the perfect curling iron – which you can call your ‘winner’ of this battle!

Drybar Double Shot Vs Single Shot : Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Drybar Single Shot
Drybar Double Shot
Barrel Size
2.25 inch
2.44 inch
Best For
Creating loose waves and curls
Creating volume and a smooth finish
2.82 Pounds
2.6 Pounds
Check price Check price

Drybar Double Shot Vs Single Shot: An Epic Saga

In this section, we’ll heat up the Drybar Single Shot vs Double Shot curling iron drama by running their features side by side to attain a more concentrated knowledge on each of these device’s capabilities!

Barrel Shape

Barrel Shape

The shape of your curling iron matters significantly in many aspects. Initially, you must have a sound understanding of barrel sizes to fully comprehend this difference. If you’re familiar with what differently sized curling iron barrels can do, you’ll have to pay keen attention to both the single shot and double shot devices.

These two barrels are almost the same size as one another, where the initially released Double Shot has a barrel of 2.44”, the newly released Single Shot’s barrel is 2.25”. This size difference is actually insignificant, rather what’s important is the shape of these two units.

The Double Shot hosts a barrel that’s quite thick and has a larger radius than of the Single Shot curling iron. This means, you’ll be able to comb through a bigger volume of hair within a shorter time. This leans the verdict of the Double Shot towards ones with long hair.

On the other hand, if you have short to medium length hair, you’ll find the Single Shot barrel to be more user-friendly. The shape is narrower in contrast and allows shorter hair to completely be rolled or combed without being overwhelmed due to the length.

Bristle Count

Bristle Count


Understanding the bristle count is very significant while choosing the winner of Drybar Single Shot vs Double Shot duel. More bristle with enough thickness means it’ll help you detangle easily, and less means it’s going to cut down on your efficiency.

The Double Shot here features more bristle count than of the Single Shot, since they have housings of different radius. It allows the Double Shot to be more effective when it comes to detangling your hair. If you have hair that frizzes easily or is natural in texture, you’ll get the better use out of this device.

The Single Shot however contains less bristles than its predecessor. Thus, smoothing out certain types of hair could take a little longer than its competitor in our view. However, if you have fine hair, you won’t notice any significant difference of performance in this regard, as fine hair is quite easy to detangle and smoothen out.

The bristle count also becomes relevant when you’re opting for certain curled styles. So, even if you disregard the detangling part, you might find yourself restricted in terms of trying out various trends of hair that require particular types of curling. For instance, making beach waves is significantly more straightforward with the Double Shot than with the Single Shot device.

Drying Efficiency

Drying Efficiency

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You have no idea how many mistakes consumers make each day while using their curling iron. And when it comes to drying your hair with such a device, the mistakes seem preeminent and you should learn ways to mitigate these issues for a healthy, lasting hair.

The air vents that dissipate hot air to your hair during the drying and curling process varies in size between Drybar Single Shot vs Double Shot. The initial installment of the Double Shot has narrower vents which makes the hot hair flow more concentrated. While it’s good for trying out different curl styles, it’s going to increase your drying time since the flow is limited.

In contrast, the Single Shot has wider vents which allows for hot air to flow through in a larger volume. It helps your hair dry out significantly fast – be that long or short. However, one of the minor flaws of this product is that the wider vents might pull your hair ends in, resulting in some degree of tugging during your operation.

If drying time isn’t your matter of concern and the type of your hair is often prone to similar tugging, then the Double Shot should be your safe bet.

Styling Potential

Both the Single Shot and Double Shot units have particular specializations when it comes to hairstyles. The bristle count, type as well as the barrel’s shape come in handy during such procedures. However, gaining knowledge on how various types of curling irons contribute to styling potential could aid you better in terms of achieving the best results.

As mentioned earlier, the barrel sizes paired with bristle counts have a large part to play while getting different curly hairstyles. Since the Double Shot carries a wider barrel, the waves you’re going to create with it are going to be quite big in size.

You can generate beach waves or big curls utilizing the oval shape of the housing and the higher number of bristles. As opposed to it, the Single Shot is more useful when you’re trying to work on your bangs. The thin body with fine bristles will help you attain the most gorgeous and voluminous bangs which you would miss out on with a Double Shot.

For ones who are searching for an option to create thin curls, Single Shot should stand on top of the Double Shot due to the aforementioned aspects. So it’s up to you in the end to decide what you’re aspiring to receive and require out of your curling iron in case of hairstyles.

Similar Features

Similar Features

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There are some important features that aren’t often highlighted during a comparative study since it relies mostly on differences. Apart from gaining some ideas on using curling irons, you have to be familiar with these features that the Single Shot and Double Shot have in common to fully realize the potential of these units.

The ergonomic design is almost the same in both of these products and it offers you superior grip during your drying & curling process. On top of that, they are the mirror images of one another when it comes to the power level and rotating efficiency in these two units.

These curling irons have three heat settings which you can adjust beforehand. This feature lets you use these devices with any type of hair you may have, the finer your hair texture is, the lower your heat level should be.

Lastly, the ionic technology eases your life in terms of detangling. Frizziness is removed with both of the products in question and you’ll receive untangled and shiny hair in less than no time. As an addition, this technology performs this task without making your hair static from the friction!

Who Is Drybar?

It’d be quite a shock if you are someone who hasn’t heard about Drybar. It’s one of those brands that produce hair styling gadgets which has been featured in the New York Magazine. The products of this brand are highly revered for the premium performance and unique approach to hair styling as well as maintenance.

A professional stylist, Alli Webb, is the founder of this line of products who came up with creative ideas that’s been recognized worldwide. The models like Drybar Single Shot or Double Shot are the resultant products of Drybar’s record sales of $19 million in 2012. It’s been on the rise eversince and places Drybar alongside other deluxe brands that make rotating curling irons today!


It’s time for us to place our verdict on the winner of today’s fight of Drybar Single Shot vs Double Shot. Our verdict is divided into roughly two parts – follow the first part if you have short to medium hair, and follow the latter part if your hair is quite long.

With your short hair or medium, you’re going to get great benefit out of the Drybar Single Shot. It works perfectly without generating an incompetent feeling due to the short hair length, because the barrel size of this device is perfect for such a length of hair.

On the other hand, the Drybar Double Shot is the winner for longer hair as it glides through effortlessly due to its oval shape and higher number of bristles. You’re going to find your experience of drying and styling to be very convenient with this unit as it’ll provide you with the shiniest, dry hair that’s detangled in the most effortless manner!

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