Can You Perm Bleached Hair

Can You Perm Bleached Hair? Facts to Know Before Perming

Remember the super curly hairstyles from the ‘80s that your favorite celebrities used to rock with style? It seemed like their hair had tremendous volume with the perfect curls all over their head.

Well, those were basically the spiral perms you watched them flaunting, and this ‘80s hairstyle surely became iconic in a matter of time. From Cher to Jon Bon Jovi, many iconic personalities have tried out the permed hairstyles, and their amazing looks are still fresh in our memories.

However, we are no longer stuck in the days of super-curly permed hairstyles. As fashion and trends started changing with time, newer versions of permed hairstyles rose to fame and were largely accepted by people all over the world.

At present, the Korean perms are all the rage. K-drama actresses have set their own standards when it comes to flaunting a sophisticated wavy hair look. And the types of perms are so versatile that you can go for a look based on your personal preference.

Not only the length of your hair, but you can also opt for a root perm to give your root hair the volume it needs. With so many options, you may feel like booking a hair perm appointment right now! But there are some things to consider beforehand, and one of the main determinants of whether you can get a permed hairstyle is if you have bleached your hair beforehand.

Want to know the details? Keep reading ahead to find out more!

What Type of Hair is Safe for Perming?

Natural Hair is Safe for Perming

Sometimes a lack of proper understanding leads us to take wrong decisions about our hair, and we do not end up with the expected results after going through a particular hairstyling session. Imagine spending so many bucks and not getting the right look. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

This is why before getting a hair perm, you need to know which type of hair is perfect for going through the perming session.

Generally speaking, you can easily qualify as a candidate for hair perming if you have natural hair that is virgin and didn’t go through chemical processes. This is because if you have already done tons of chemical treatments on your hair, the strands are quite vulnerable. Perming them further will only lead to more damage.

So to start your perm journey, make sure that your hair is all untouched from the bad effects of chemicals.

Is it Okay to Perm Bleached Hair?

Should You Perm Bleached Hair

The abovementioned para brings us to our next question: is perming your bleached hair really a good idea? Here is the simple answer.

Hair that has been bleached or highlighted is already damaged because bleach removes the keratin from the follicles of your hair. In a normal perming session, the perm solution is applied for around 15 to 30 minutes. If you keep this solution for only 1 or 2 minutes on your bleached hair and apply heat, get prepared to face the ultimate disaster.

Let’s face it, no one wants their hair to burn off at any cost. And that’s the risk you are taking while considering perming your bleached hair. Chemical over chemical and the ultimate damage is done!

So, What’s the Solution for Perming Bleached Hair?

Now, if you are already disheartened about the fact that you may never be able to perm your bleached hair, then we are here with some words of positivity!

You can wait for at least two weeks after bleaching your hair, and then do a strand test to determine if your hair is suitable for perming. But you have to use moisturizing products and go for deep conditioning during this time period in order to take care of the post-bleaching damage.

And What About Coloring Your Permed Hair?

Another burning question that perm-lovers have to deal with is whether they should color hair before perming or after perming. Hairstylist and makeup artist Mark Weiss explains that you should perm your hair before coloring it.

This is because both your perm neutralizer and hair color have hydrogen peroxide. So when you put on the neutralizer, the hydrogen peroxide from the hair color will separate the color molecules within your hair. This will result in the lightening of your hair, which you do not want at any cost.

Choose semi-permanent hair color for vibrant outcomes after perming, as it will stay longer and go a bit further. So the rule of thumb is to perm your hair beforehand, and then go for the coloring session.

 How Long Should You Wait Before Coloring Your Permed Hair?

The minimum waiting time is three weeks, so do not go for coloring before that. Condition your hair and also go for deep conditioning sessions to make your hair healthy in the meantime.

Also, use products that are specifically meant for color-treated hair for the best outcomes. If you have highlights on your hair, then you can go for perming if your color history allows it.

Why Should You Avoid Perming Bleached Hair?

We want you to think about the matter for some time. It is not unknown to anyone that bleaching damages your hair by changing its porosity and elasticity. The after effect of bleaching is weakened and damaged strands due to the chemicals.

Now, perming doesn’t damage your hair as heavily as bleaching it. But if you bleach the hair before and then opt for perming, it will surely result in breakage and brittleness.

So it is better if you avoid going for a perm after you bleach your hair. But if you just cannot keep yourself away from trying out a permed hair look, follow the rules we have mentioned above the save your hair in the process.

Final Thoughts

Perms undoubtedly make your hair look beautiful and trendy. Especially with all the options available at hand, it’s hard to resist trying out a permed hair look. But that shouldn’t mean that you will sit for the session without considering the consequences.

While we are advocates of snazzy hairstyling methods, we never support damaging your hair in the process. So if you have bleached your hair previously, think twice before getting the perm done. Only opt for perming once your hair has recovered after the bleaching session. And during that time, always remember to go for deep conditioning sessions!

We hope this article has answered your questions regarding hair perming, bleaching, and hair coloring. Go through the steps thoroughly multiple times to get a better understanding of our suggestions, and always pamper your precious hair to keep it in its best state!

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