Can you bring a flat iron on a plane

Yay Or Nay: Can You Bring A Flat Iron On A Plane?

Isn’t it the burning question for stylish travelers of the contemporary world?

Can you carry a flat iron on a plane or is it too much of a hassle? The answer to this question is obviously an important discussion that we are yet to bring to the table, but before we answer this, there are some other factors that we must consider.

In this era, owning a flat iron is a big deal. You can not possibly think of going anywhere without a flat iron! What if there is a sudden party, a wedding, or a photoshoot? This could be taken care of if only you have a flat iron.

If you are here to find out if you can bring your flat iron on a plane, then read this article to find your answer. In this article, we will find out what type of flat irons you can bring in a plane and what you can not.

What kind of flat iron should you avoid?

You can carry most flat irons with you, but under one condition. You have to make sure you do not have any exposed wires.

And if it is a wireless flat iron, you should properly remove and pack the battery before putting it in the bag.

Lithium batteries cause an issue, but as long as you make sure that they will not cause any trouble, you will be good to go.

Another flat iron that is usually not a good idea to carry along is the one with butane in them. Because this gas can be harmful and volatile in given instances, it is best to avoid bringing these in flight.

Can you bring flat irons on a plane in your carry-on bags?

Flat iron in carry-on bags

Hairstyling tools are essential, and we must have them with us at all times. It is a huge part of how we look and come off to others. It helps us look the way we want and makes us feel more confident in our own skin.

Being able to carry a flat iron on a plane is a great deal because we know that we will need it. Instead of buying an expensive straightener, it is easier and more cost-effective if we carry the ones we have. But before we just pack up our device, we must make sure if we are allowed to do so.

Well, the good news is we can carry flat irons in a carry-on bag as long as it is covered and protected. A Lot of the time, electrical devices create problems in the surveying belt and cause false alarms. To avoid this, you have to cover it up nicely or wrap it with bubble wrap. Doing so will help you in two ways:

  • Your flat iron will remain protected without facing any damage.
  • It will not cause any false alarms by looking like a sharp object.

So, if you forgot to pack your flat iron in your luggage and are worried about whether or not you can bring it on a plane in your carry-on bags. Well, good news for you. You can carry it on a plane.

You may have to take it out a few times due to the commotion it will cause in the surveying belt, but that’s about it. Nothing major will happen, and you will be fine, carrying it in your bags on the plane.

Can you bring a flat iron on a plane in your checked baggage?

Flat iron in checked baggage

Carrying your flat iron on a plane may seem very practical but honestly, do we even need to use it on the plane?

You are allowed to bring your flat iron on a plane, but I think it is best if you pack it in your checked luggage. This way, you will have more space to carry other essentials on the plane.

You can carry your flat irons in a checked suitcase, and it is technically a safer option because once your bag is checked in, it goes straight to the airline.

You know that the next time you see your flat iron is in a new destination. There is a low chance of losing your device or anyone tampering with it.

On the other hand, if you carry it with you, you have to take it out and let the customs officers have a good look at it.

As long as your flat iron wires and batteries are safe and protected, there will barely be any issues. So, feel free to pack it up and take it out for a ride with you.


Flat irons are a girl’s best friend, and there is no way you can leave them behind when you travel. Luckily we have permission to bring our flat irons on a plane.

If you think that you want to carry it with you in your handbag or your carry-on bag, then you can definitely do that, but I would suggest you do it differently.

I advise you to pack it in your checked luggage because you will save yourself a lot of hassle, and you will be able to carry more essentials with you on the flight as you will have a lot more space. If you wrap your flat iron and then pack it in your carry-on bag, it will take up a lot of space.

So, it is best if you pack it in your checked luggage. At least you know it is still traveling with you in the plane, and you will get to use your precious little flat iron wherever you go.

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