Can You Bring a Curling Iron on a Plane

Can You Bring a Curling Iron on a Plane? Here’s What You Should Know

If we ask you to make a list of types of equipment that are super essential to carry while you are traveling, we believe curling irons will make it to the top of the list for many. No matter if it’s a weekend out with your beloved one or an important business trip to a foreign country, taking a curling iron is sort of mandatory!

While traveling or after arriving at your destination, you don’t want your hair to look all messed up. Especially if the purpose of your tour requires you to look modish most of the time, then you need to keep your hair styling products at hand.

If you ask us, we can remember a few times when we forgot our curling iron at home and regretted it afterward. You simply cannot book an appointment for a hair styling session at an unknown place, and it is not convenient to make time out of your busy schedule as well. This is why keeping your styling tools close to your hand is always suggested.

But here is the real question: can you actually bring your precious curling iron with you whenever you are traveling by air? Is it actually safe to carry this heat styling tool while you are on the plane? Inquisitive enough? Well, let’s find the answers ahead!

TSA Rules for Travelling with a Cordless Curling Iron

Tsa Rules About Carrying Curling Iron On A Plane

The Transportation Security Administration provides a clear guideline of what can be brought on a journey by plane. Starting from liquids to foods, there are proper rules which allow you to make a list of what things you can carry while you are traveling by air, and what are to be discarded from the list as well.

In the case of curling irons, you need to pay utmost attention to what specific kinds of these products are allowed on the plane, and which are to be avoided at any cost to make your journey smoother.

TSA states that if you have Butane Curling Irons and cordless curling irons, then you can carry them in your carry on bags, but not in your checked bags. TSA also specifies that cordless curling irons with gas cartridges and the butane fueled ones can be kept on your carry on bags only.

And the rules do not end here. You must ensure that your curling iron has a safety cover and it is free from the risk of unexpected activation. On top of that, you cannot carry gas refills in either your carry on bag or your checked bags.

What Type of Curling Iron is Suitable for Bringing on a Plane?

Suitable Curling Iron Type

If you are worried after reading the previous para and have decided that there’s no hope left for your hair, then here’s the good news: you can actually carry your curling iron while traveling by plane without any hassle. Just make sure it has a cord, and then it can be carried inside your carry on bags as well as your checked bags according to your convenience.

TSA mentions that electric hair straighteners and curling irons that come with cords are not hindered from carrying on the plane, so you can bring them without any worries.

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So, Can You Bring a Curling Iron on a Plane?

The short answer is, yes, you can, while maintaining the law. As long as you are following the rules mentioned by the TSA, you can surely carry your curling irons with cords with you. And for the butane curling irons and the cordless ones, we have discussed the rules already so keep them in mind before packing for your trip.

What Features Should Your Travel Curling Iron Have?

Travel Curling Iron Features

As we are talking about traveling, the places you are going to visit as well as the nature of the events will determine what type of curling iron you should be bringing in your bag.

For starters, we recommend carrying something compact and lightweight so that it doesn’t feel like you have something extra in your bag. As you will be packing other essential items for your trip, you don’t want any extra hassle of weight from your curling iron to keep you worried all the time.

After that, make sure your curling iron has a dual voltage system. When you go shopping for your curling iron, you will find that many brands offer dual voltage which is perfect for international travels. Dual voltage refers to the system where you can switch between 110V-120V and 220V-240V with your curling iron, as different countries work with different voltages.

Apart from that, it is also recommended to carry an electrical outlet adapter with you because different places have different types of sockets. So make sure you do thorough research beforehand to bring the proper adapter according to your necessity, especially if it’s an international trip.

Where Can I Find Curling Irons for Travel?

Literally every place that sells curling irons, if you aren’t too unlucky. From online stores to physical shops, travel curling irons are everywhere and they are available in different colors, shapes, and price points.

Make sure to pick one that has your preferred features. Always check for the dual voltage system, and grab something handy that will be useful during your travel times. However, never compromise with quality, and never settle for something suspiciously cheap!

Final Words

Just like hair straighteners, curling irons are one of the most important heat styling tools for styling our hair. From classy waves to perfect curls, you can get your desired looks with your curling iron super quickly, so keeping one for yourself is a must.

But this time while you are grabbing your curling iron for your at-home use, make sure to choose one for your travel purposes as well. Especially if you have to travel quite often, this thing is surely going to be one of your biggest companions to make your travel smoother!

That being said, we hope this guide has answered your question, and you now understand the rules of carrying your curling iron on a plane. So for your upcoming trip, start planning the fun activities from now on and stay worry-free with your perfect curling iron at hand!

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