Best flat iron for silk press

Best Flat Iron For Silk Press: 7 Editor’s Choice For The Finest Results

Picking out the perfect gadget for your silk press isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Ending up with the imperfect fit can wreak all sorts of havoc, and a frightful consequence would leave your hair damaged or even worse, completely fried.

Thus, it’s highly important that you choose the best flat iron for silk press procedures. The best implies that it’s the correct fit for your hair type, has every necessary feature to perform a silk press effortlessly and the build quality is of five-star grade.

This article today takes all of this into consideration and has compiled a list containing 7 of the most highly acclaimed and expert-tested flat irons for this specific purpose! By the end, you’ll be able to settle for one among them that should treat you with a silky smooth outcome!

Can All Flat Irons Perform Silk Press?

This is the question many people ask when they visit the market to purchase a device for their silk press procedure. While the answer is simple, you must still acquire certain knowledge on the connection between silk press and flat irons to comprehend it properly.

Briefly speaking, you can use a wide variety of flat irons to perform a silk press. But for the best outcome with keeping your hair’s health in check, you must purchase one that specializes in such craft. That’s where we come in, to fill in that gap of knowledge to ease your journey into the process!

Best Flat Iron For Silk Press Duties: Pick The Best One!

Our experts have broken down all the necessary features that are relevant to the silk press in this section. Scrolling through them will help you to select the most suitable unit for your specific requirements!

BaBylissPRO Prima3100 Ionic Hair Straightener

BaBylissPRO Prima 3100

BaByliss is one such name in the beauty industry that’s known by everyone for their quality products. On top of that, their products are designed in unique ways which allows consumers to go the distance during their styling journeys.

Both the BaByliss Prima 3000 and 3100 have their unique values to the consumers. The latest installment in the line, Prima 3000 is one of those flat irons that you’ll find an unmatched experience with while performing silk presses to your natural hair.

The key aspect of this flat iron that’ll deliver you the optimum result is the heat plate. The plates in this device are made of airgrade Nano Titanium. Such a material ensures that the heat is evenly distributed without creating high-heat or low-heat zones. As a consumer, it’ll allow you to rely on this unit for a silk press that doesn’t overdo or burn your hair.

A good pair of heat plates imply the fact that it heats up almost immediately, so you won’t have to wait around for it or take pauses in between. The heat level can be understood through the LED indicators that are built into the body. With five adjustable settings to cater to your needs, you’ll understand precisely where it is from the green to a gradually red indicator.

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Outer Shell Heating Up: Good or Bad?

As this device is capable of reaching the maximum temperature of 465°F, this makes it the best flat iron for natural hair silk press, if not, one of the best. The housing of this flat iron is made of stainless steel and this confirms that your device will remain sturdy & rust-free for a long, long time.

There’s one factor that’s been dragged around with the heat level is that, the housing heats up significantly with the heat plates. A lot of users have lodged complaints about it, but this is something they’ve failed to understand about this flat iron.

The outer shell’s heating heating up lets you use your flat iron as a curler as well. This renders the need for purchasing a separate curler device redundant and you can quite easily wrap your hair around your metal housing to get the finest outcome!

For a silk press, you need to make sure that your flat iron is able to generate Ions like the Prima 3100. Negative Ions work hand in hand with your natural hair and add a certain shininess during the silk press procedure. The millions of Ions confirms that your hair remains frizz-free once everything is completed!

Lastly, this lightweight flat iron won’t tire your hand even after prolonged use. The 9 feet swivel cord will let you work far away from the power outlet and perform your operation at diverse angles. Due to the dual voltage, you’ll even be able to travel with it anywhere, and the 4 year official warranty from BaByliss is like the cherry on top of such a fabulous product!

ghd Platinum+ Performance Hair Styler

ghd platinum plus

ghd is another highly acclaimed brand among hairstyle enthusiasts which prevails as one of those ‘must have’ product makers for hair care purposes. The acronym of ghd stands for good hair day, and once you start using it, you’ll realize how truly they stick to their motto that they promote frequently.

The Platinum+ unit of flat iron that they produce is ranked highly among the deluxe ghd flat irons in terms of silk press performance. This has been the case for a number of reasons that are mostly centered around their features that are technologically advanced and are developed to satisfy the consumers’ demands.

The first instance of their technological prowess is witnessed through their heat plates. The Ultra-zone with predictive technology heat plates are made with ceramic. Such a material takes a little longer than metal plates to heat up, but once it doesn, it ensures that your natural hair passes through the most stable heat source without receiving any damage.

Such reassurance makes the silk press more effective as you have to take it slow during the procedure. And the density of your natural hair must be allowed to adjust automatically, and the floating plates would do just that! You’ll feel that the plates are continuously aligning to cope up with your flow and movement through your hair, and it’s quite remarkable as a feature!

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Afraid of Accidental Burns? ghd Got You Covered!

There are heat resistant protective plate guards that mark you safe from accidental burns! I mean, we know you can take care of your flat iron burns by yourself, but why let it go that distance? Prevent it before it occurs, and ghd products are letting you do that with the snap of your fingers!

This flat iron peaks the temperature level at 365º F which is the highest you should reach while performing a silk press. Anything lower than this level of heat won’t get you near your desired outcome and going past this temperature will end up burning your hair. The consistency and security is ensured because the plates are made out of ceramics, thus it’s a highly safe choice for your hair!

Much like our former BaByliss candidate, the ghd Platinum+ as well consists of a 9 feet swivel cord that’s connected to a wishbone hinge. This will allow you to set your styling station anywhere in your room, preferably in front of your mirror, without worrying much about where your power source is. It’ll also let you silk press at any angle you may want to because you have a device that allows such flexibility!

This flat iron is marked safe with the technology of 30 minute automatic shut down. So if you forget to unplug your flat iron or to switch it off completely, the ghd device will take care of itself and prevent any unprecedented incident from occurring! And the dual voltage will let you use silk presses pretty much anywhere in the world!

Drybar The Tress Press Straightening Iron

Drybar The Tress Press Straightening Iron

Drybar’s success stories have been picked up by the popular media platforms quite frequently, and they’ve made their mark as a quality brand for hair care in the past couple of decades. Such a level of adoration has been made possible by the supreme quality of products they have been providing to their consumers on a regular basis.

Much like their Single Shot and Double Shot blow dryers, the Tress Press flat iron is graded in the premium zone by consumers. With all the existing features that are necessary for a smooth silk press procedure, this unit goes even a little extra to satisfy the needs of every user. It makes buying separate devices unnecessary as one device aspires to do all that you need to do!

With plates made out of top-class titanium material, Drybar has unleashed a beast into the market! This material helps to seal the cuticles to your curly hair so that no frizz remains unflattened. It creates unforeseen results with every hair type it comes in contact with and promises to leave you bewildered with its extraordinary performance.

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Is Infrared the Future of Silk Press?

Of all the latest technologies this Tress Press flat iron has endorsed, probably the most striking instance has been the infrared heating idea. Regular flat irons simply heat up the plates and press your hair from the outside. It heats up the outer shell of your hair and lets the heat sink into the core which has the main curly attributes.

While doing so, many of us have ended up burning the outer shell but failed to receive hair that’s straight and smooth. Drybar’s infrared technology sends in infrared lights from the heat plate to the core of your hair. This way, your hair strands heat up from the inside and allows your hair to be flat without any sort of damage or burn!

This, paired with the advanced floating plates lets you silk press your hair only with one pass! It’ll save your time by a significant margin if you’re in a hurry. Unlike many flat irons that restrict you to try out different temperatures, Drybar has a digital display and lets you set your heat level at your desired position. It can crank up to the standard 450°F which is necessary for your silk press.

As per the diversity of operation, you can share this device with your sister or friend without making a separate hair curler purchase. Why so? Say you’re silk pressing your curly hair with this unit. Once done, the round edges of the device will allow your friend’s fine hair to be curled up very easily. So why buy two different devices when you can do everything with one?

Lastly, the Drybar flat iron lets you use it at every corner of the world without having to carry an adapter. The universal voltage system along with the 9 feet cable makes the lives of consumers significantly easy! And the 60 minute automatic shutdown safety feature will turn off your device when it’s left idly, but don’t make a habit out of it!

Sutra IR2 Professional Flat Iron

Sutra IR2 professional flat iron

Although Sutra isn’t a brand that has a prominent presence in media like Drybar or BaByliss, it’s one of those dark horses in the hair care industry. Their products are tactfully built with designs that aim at making silk pressing or hair styling in general much easier than you perceive them to be.

With such a notion in mind, you’ll find the Sutra IR2 Professional hair straightener to be your silk press purposes. It draws a prime focus on coarse or damaged hair and the silk press procedure to be a healing curve for such matters. We recommend this one more to the ones with this precise hair type for silk pressing, and ones with fine hair can curl up with it as well!

What catches the eyes at first glance at this unit is the design. It’s ergonomic, it’s intuitive and it has the inviting nature to delve yourself into the silk press procedure directly. The housing allows you a firm grip without any risk of slipping out of your hand. It’s going to help you out if you have a head full of hair waiting for the silk press!

Best Flat Iron for 4C Hair Silk Press?

You’ll realize that this flat iron actually specializes in coarse/4C hair for silk press duties. Consumers with such hair types are madly in love with this device and we’ve found out the proof as well! This has been made possible by their technological intervention that makes up for a delicate and graceful approach toward your hair strands.

For instance, the beautiful rose-gold titanium plates have implemented infrared technology. The RF generator built into the machine radiates infrared light to the core of your coarse hair and the floating plates adjust to the outer layer accordingly. No matter how thickly textured hair you pass through the device, it’ll give you fine and healthy, straightened hair in return!

The plates heat up significantly quickly due to the material, but it’s not offensive to your hair due to the IR2 infrared technology. The digital heat control lets you climb up to 450° F in the gentlest manner and gives you a nourished, smooth and shiny silk press result after only one pass – regardless of your hair type!

This device’s revitalizing nature actually hydrates your hair with discharged Ions and seals the broken gaps between your hair particles. It’s one of the main reasons that you get a smooth and shiny outcome after using it. Your abilities are further enhanced with the 360 degree swivel cord that allows you to operate at maximum of 9 feet from your power outlet.

This too checks the box of safety concerns as it shuts off automatically after a certain unused time. Dual voltage marks for use at any locality without any concern, and everything combined together makes the Sutra IR2 a prime candidate to be the best flat iron for black hair silk press purposes any day of the week!

BIO IONIC Onepass Styling Iron

BIO IONIC onepass styling iron

BIO IONIC has changed the flat iron game for silk pressing in a way that has actually been a matter of concern among the hairstyling enthusiasts. They have taken the path of natural reimbursements through the flat iron device with a major focus on ensuring the natural properties of hair. This alone takes the motto of BIO IONIC as something to be followed by the hair care industry!

They’ve started out with the philosophy of one pass styling for silk presses. This means less time for hair’s exposure to heat which should establish the ground for a safe and undamaged hair. The silicone speed strips built into the heat plates will let you pass your hair through this flat iron in the quickest possible time followed by an optimum outcome.

This technology doesn’t squeeze your hair strands in between the heat plates. Rather, it starts from the root of your hair and reaches the fringes with a gentle hold the entire time. During this process, it radiates enough heat to make your silk press a success without a prolonged exposure to heat. Such an approach is much appreciated as it can be used by delicate hair types or ones with damaged strands.

Natural Approach in Flat Iron Silk Press?

This is the part that creates all the difference! The NanoIonic MX technology, a trademark feat for BIO IONIC brand themselves, ensures your hair’s health like no other brand that makes flat irons. Mostly, the Ionic technologies would ensure a frizz-free hair by driving ions through your hair strands, that isn’t something your hair should benefit from in terms of health.

But the NanoIonic MX is enriched with natural minerals that are infused into your hair during you pass the device in your silk press procedure. This not only retains shine and smoothness, but also makes your hair strands healthy and strong. It refills the natural properties and hydrates your hair so that the silk press remains intact for the longest possible time.

This technology is made possible with the backup from their Moisturizing Heat Technology in their floating heat plates. The heat levels are maintained by BioCeramic MCH Heater underneath which ensures a stable and relentless heat is available for your hair. Altogether, your hair gets silky smooth and healthy with each pass, making multiple passes redundant.

The temperature can reach up to 450° F that you can digitally control in your device. The standard 9 feet cable with a universal warranty makes your life easy and you can use it pretty much anywhere you travel to almost effortlessly. Its automatic shutdown system will prevent any sort of accidental incidents and protect you in every possible way.

Thus, such a unique approach toward silk presses will not only give you shiny hair that’s great to look at, but will actually take care of its health. It completes silk presses without breaking or snagging and equips you with fine hair that’s equal to naturally gifted smoothness.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell is a first-class brand that produces flat irons, some of which are particularly well-built for silk press purposes. Although there are a handful of classy Paul Mitchell flat irons that you can choose yours from, the Express flat iron is a proven genius to ensure a silky, shiny hair after each press!

One of the most striking aspects of this particular Paul Mitchell device is that it heats up to 410°F within just a minute! Imagine waking up and having to style your way through quickly, and having such an efficient unit would only be of your assistant in such a case. It cools down significantly fast too, with a recovery time of only 5 seconds!

This device is actually made for professional use, so if a home consumer chooses to purchase it then you’ll be in for a treat! The digital temperature display tells you exactly where you are in terms of heat level. Which is ideal for silk pressing all types of hair. All you need to do is to understand what silk press really is and how you can try out such a procedure at home!

Wider Heat Plates Perform Extra-Efficiently

Within our list of best flat iron for silk press products, this one from Paul Mitchell features a wider heat plate of 1.25”. The extra width matters when you’re dealing with coarse hair or a voluminous hair body. This facility allows you to emit heat over a larger portion of your hair at once without making the heat aggressive to your hair, which cuts down on your styling time.

Also, the plates are made of ceramic material, which means there’s very little to no risk of accidentally burning your hair as ceramic generates heat in the gentlest possible way. Such plates are safe for coarse hair or hair types that are prone to breakage, so if you think your needs are aligning well with this product, you should settle for it without any doubt!

This is also handy in the sense that the wide ceramic plates emanate far-infrared rays to heat your hair up from the inside instead of the outside. This is a sustainable approach to silk pressing that keeps your hair out of harm’s way. This places the Paul Mitchell flat iron right next to the BIO IONIC device in terms of your hair’s health and safety.

It’s a device that can serve at multiple fronts. For instance, if you are a professional stylist and want to serve a wide range of customers with various needs, it’ll allow you to perform everything with a single unit. From straightening to curling, you can achieve all of it with the rounded edges of the ceramic plates that covers more area in a very short amount of time.

Lastly, it’s stress-free and travel-friendly, as it automatically shuts down after an hour of inactivity and the dual voltage literally lets you plug it into any power outlet. Overall, this Paul Mitchell product lives up to its name and promises you the perfect silk-pressed result for your natural hair.

Sam Villa TEXTUR Professional Texturizing Hair Crimper

Sam Villa TEXTUR Professional Texturizing Hair Crimper

Sam Villa is a styling icon who launched the hair care line after his own name. His dream was to enable styling enthusiasts worldwide to achieve creative ways of styling hair in the easiest possible way! Thus, his vision lands the TEXTUR crimper in the market which is a remarkable tool for silk pressing!

Although the device is originally one of the best hair crimpers, it can however be utilized to get a silk press with the proper knowledge. There are minor differences between a hair straightener and a crimper, but it’s not vital to understand our process of achieving a flat iron result.

The heat plates are covered with a thick titanium coating and are designed in a different way than the rest of the products we’ve covered in our article. It’s aimed at generating more volume for your hair, but the teeth on the plates can be pulled vertically to perform a silk press for any type of hair. These plates conduct even heat and you’ll be able to find the cleaning bit quite easy!

Did You Know: Flat Irons Could Start a Fire if Left Unattended!

To answer our aforementioned concern, we assure you that this flat iron along with all the devices that we’ve covered in our list have safety features. For the Sam Villa unit specifically, there’s a 60 minute latency between leaving idle and automatically switching it off. This prevents any kind of fire hazard for your safekeeping!

This device will accommodate any hair type you may have with three adjustable heat settings – each unique to a particular hair type. For instance, the low heat setting is optimum for fine hair, medium for color treated hair and high setting for coarse or natural hair. It’s great that you can silk press colored hair with this device which most devices dare not carry out!

The design of this product is mind-blowing and it takes the comfort of the users into account! Heat settings are adjusted via a twisting switch that lets you swap between the three modes. It also prevents you from accidentally turning the device off during your operation.

This, along with an ergonomic design which places the heat plates a little far up the handle. It ensures that you have a higher level of control over your silk press and allows some release from fatigue for your wrists. This well-thought out design is made possible by brands like Sam Villa as they aspire to cater to the needs of every kind of hair styling like silk pressing!


Let’s gain further knowledge about the silk press to fully understand the necessity of a good flat iron in its procedure.

Q: How long does a silk press last?

A: It completely depends on how well you maintain it. It can last between 3 days to even 3 weeks if your lifestyle and care routine suits it!

Q: How much does it cost to get a silk press?

A: It can cost anywhere between $60 to $100 depending on the area you live in and the demand of your stylist.

Q: How often should I silk press?

A: Since we’re dealing with heat here, it’s generally advised you get a silk press once every three to four months for your hair’s safety.

Q: Can you shower with a silk press?

A: Your silk press won’t last a lifetime and it’ll revert back sooner or later. But showers will fast forward that process, so make sure to avoid contact with water to have your silk press last  a little longer.

Final Thoughts

At our concluding point of this article, we want to assert that all of the products mentioned in our list have been tested first hand by our experts. All of them have succeeded in generating fine results in terms of performing silk presses and each cater to very unique needs of individual consumers.

Thus, we encourage you to understand your situation and needs first, and then put them side by side with the analysis section that we’ve provided. When you see that a product ticks all of your requirement boxes, then that is your ideal & best flat iron for silk press demands!

Additionally, you can gain extra knowledge on the things you should consider before choosing a flat iron. Such information never goes to waste and allows you to make the right call for your unique needs!

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