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7 Best CHI Flat Irons For Effortless Hairstyling

Using flat irons for your hair-straightening needs has grown to be a prominent modern life aspect. A statistic shows that around 40% women worldwide use a flat iron for their hair styling needs. And in the global market, CHI flat irons hold a fair share of sales due to their quality and performance altogether.

While this is the case, you might struggle to choose the best CHI flat iron from a variety of their straightening irons available on the market. Here, our experts have stepped up to guide you through the process of picking the perfect CHI flat iron for your everyday needs.

So, buckle up to undertake the journey where we tell you what makes CHI so special, offer you 7 of the best flat irons to choose from and teach you how you can know which one suits you the best. We hope reaching the end will help you make your mind and leave as a happy customer with your new CHI flat iron device.

Chi Flat Iron Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Best for
CHI PRO G2 Titanium
All Hair
CHI Original Lava Ceramic
Coarse Hair
CHI Original Ceramic
All, Curly
Professional Black
CHI Classic Tourmaline Ceramic
All Hair
Onyx Black
CHI New"Original" Ceramic
Coarse Hair
South Beach
CHI Tourmaline Ceramic
All Hair
Pure Pink
CHI Onyx EuroshineCeramic
Straight Hair

Why Pick CHI Flat Iron?

CHI flat has become a common name in the prominent genre of flat irons and is echoed through the mouths of hair styling experts. Let’s investigate what sets CHI apart from the rest of the pack to make it so desirable.

  • Consistent Performance

CHI flat irons never falter in their performance. These are made to perform relentlessly even in professional salons for all day long, and yet manage to deliver ideal smoothness and outcomes. And even after such heavy use, CHI straighteners manage to last a long time before you find the need for replacement. Trust me, CHI irons are worth every penny you spend on them.

  • Top-quality Material

Unlike many other brands, CHI doesn’t compromise their build quality and use some of the most top-notch materials in the bodywork. This makes the devices durable as well as user-friendly, and even their most affordable products will feel like professional-grade instruments.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Consumers who regularly use CHI straighteners are profoundly attached to the comfort, convenience and effectiveness of these devices. Apart from our experts who used these products first hand for a long time, any prominent forum should reflect the same level of satisfaction all across the globe. CHI does deliver what they promote.

The Best CHI Hair Straightener Features: Expert Opinions

Have no fear, our experts are here! And they have used & assessed tons of CHI flat irons to find the finest ones that’ll give you top-level results. And from that knowledge, they have been able to list down 7 exclusive choices that you can easily choose from.

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron

The CHI PRO G2 Digital straightening iron is one of the most handy and convenient devices you’ll ever find in the market. Induced with all the top quality materials and latest features, this unit will treat your hair just in the right way. Your hair maintenance will become as easy as opening your mobile phone browser, and the result – you’ll keep wanting to see yourself in the mirror with jaw-dropping amazement!


This unit of CHI flat iron comes in a premium black color. The new technology introduced by CHI is featured in this device with the 1” ceramic plates infused with titanium. There is a new ‘mode’ button that has been included with the model. It contains a digital multicolored LCD display that allows you to change the preset temperature from the available settings. These plates are made to support any type of hair and generate shiny, silky and frizzless hair in a matter of minutes!

The ceramic heater built into this straightener can crank up the heat only in 40 seconds, and the advanced technology lets you take it as high up to 425 degrees F of temperature at its peak. Traveling is made easy with this device as it supports dual voltage for any sort of electric outlet. You’re allowed to style your hair at the most versatile angles and far away from the electric socket with a throbbing 11 feet cord.

Get CHI PRO G2 Digital at Amazon

The design of this PRO G2 device is ergonomic which ensures firm grip and superior control over your straightening actions. CHI is renowned for their reliability with such devices, and this one is no different. To mitigate any sort of risk, this device has an automatic shutdown feature after 1 hour of inactive state. This marks it one of the safest appliances that you can own for your hairstyling needs.

Overall, the ceramic plates in this device are stronger than the other products from separate companies. This device is highly-durable so you won’t feel the need of purchasing another flat iron anytime soon. The performance lives up to the standard with snag & pull free, smooth results that only a professional stylist would be able to generate. This is the best value for money you’d get against a device of such caliber, and thus it is ranked in the top 7 list by our product experts.

CHI Original Lava 1″ Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron

One of the most original designs patented by CHI is the Original Lava 1” flat iron that you can conveniently use for all your hairstyling needs. With a superior build quality and advanced features, this unit can undertake some of the most impressive tasks that any normal device of this price range will fail to do properly. Once you get used to its comfort and ease of use, you’ll never want to settle for any other CHI device for a long, long time.

CHI Original Lava

Designed specifically to straighten your coarse & thick hair, this flat iron glides effortlessly over any strong or weak hair types. Coming in a beautiful red color, the Volcanic Lava ceramic floating plates are a joy to use! They adjust to your movement and hair texture perfectly, giving you a higher degree of control over your straightening movements. You’ll find your thick hair to get flat and straight in less than a few minutes and fewer passes than other devices.

Unlike the devices of the same price range in the market, the CHI Original Lava flat iron actually cares for the quality of your hair. Thus, the heat damage inflicted by hair straightening actions is significantly reduced with an advanced technology included in the heat plates. Also, the plates produce negative Ions which hydrate your hair during your gliding operation. This makes for shiny, silky and healthy hair even after such exposure to heat for a certain amount of time.

Get CHI Original Lava at Amazon

This product is much different and unique from other ones produced by CHI. Instead of making the heating digital, the Original Lava has incorporated the traditional method of heating for effective & efficient results. On one hand, it lacks the temperature control dial, but on the other hand it includes an analog dial with an on & off switch. This removes the reliability of the heating process on digital settings, and is made to function better in an old-school way.

This flat iron can heat up to 395 degrees F at maximum power and supports dual voltage for any location. It is a strong contender to be the best CHI flat iron of the decade due to the CHI ceramic build materials that conduct heat efficiently, disperses minerals into your hair that makes them strong, and the advanced floating plates are simply a life-saver to have. You’ll simply fall in love with this high-functioning device once you start using it on a regular basis.

CHI Original Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron

Another CHI Original product has left our experts completely satisfied with their top-notch ceramic hair straightening flat iron. This device is an all-in-one product that not only makes your hair flat & straight, but it also helps you style your hair as effectively. You’ll be able to twist, curl or flip your hair into any of the contemporary hairstyles in rapid motion with this CHI device. And you’d be very very astonished to find out the affordability of a high-quality device as such!

CHI Original

The CHI Original Ceramic device is designed to perform on any type of hair, but it has generated significantly mesmerizing results on people with curly hair. The bodywork comes in a professional black color, it offers you maximum handling ability due to its overall design. It is attached with an 11 feet cord that lets you move freely from the electric port. You can now stand in front of your mirror while styling even if the port is farther, and glide it at any angle you prefer because your extremely long cord will not be a problem for you.

Get CHI Original Ceramic at Amazon

Such flexibility is reinforced by the 1” ceramic plates that can glide over your hair very easily. As mentioned earlier, it can give you versatile styling ability and the design has transcended it beyond just a flat iron. CHI has made this into a professional salon quality hair styling iron that you can use at your home, or you can carry it with you because the dual voltage will permit you to plug it in anywhere in the world.

The plates can swiftly heat up in a matter of a minute and can quickly reach the top temperature of 392 degrees F. This temperature is set at the ideal spot between efficiently straightening your hair without causing any damage. CHI offers a 2 years limited time warranty with this product. Such duration on an affordable flat iron echoes the durability and reliability that comes with it.

So, go for a diverse styling journey with one of the most affordable hair straighteners made by CHI that lets you style freely with all the necessary features. You’ll never find such a convenient flat iron at this price point, and this alone is enough reason to rank it among the top flat irons, let alone the fabulous hairstyling outcomes.

CHI Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1 1/2″

Our hair experts have tested the most Classic yet feature-oriented hairstyling iron and deemed it to be worthy of being included in our top list. A user-friendly design paired with numerous handy aspects, the CHI Classic hairstyling iron lands in the market to flatten your hair & flatter your heart. Your desire for diverse hairstyling is sure to become true once you grab this particular straightening device from the market and include it in your arsenal of your hair styling accessories.

CHI Classic

This is genuinely one of the most authentic and special flat irons introduced by CHI. Built in a deluxe black color, the aesthetic vibes start oozing out from the looks. In the performance department however, it goes even beyond that level. Featured with 1.5” curved & floating onyx tourmaline ceramic plates that are wide, you’ll be able to straighten your hair almost effortlessly. Such wide plates indicate you’ll require less passes, curved & floating plates ensure dynamic operability.

The premium and ergonomic design makes for a superior grip while you run this device over your hair. The bodywork of this includes a dial to adjust your temperature at your desired level. It heats up significantly quick, in only 30 seconds. The optimum temperature allows you the safest and most qualitiful smoothening journey you’ll ever find in your lifetime.

The heat plates generate a huge influx of negative Ions, which paired with far infrared technology reduces static electricity and generates the most beautiful and silky, straight hair. Such a level of smooth outcome can only be obtained by professional intervention, and you’ll be getting similar results with your very own CHI product without having to spend a ton of money!

Safety is ensured by this product with a 1 hour auto shutdown feature that cuts the power after detecting inactivity. A 9 feet swivel cord allows flexibility in handling your device and lets you stray afar from the socket. You’ll be able to not only straighten your hair, but also curl, wave, spiral, flip and what not with this CHI unit.

It is designed to serve on all fronts and leave you a happy customer with the most eye-catching & soothing smooth designs. From the durable materials to the top-tier build quality, it’ll certainly be worth every single penny you spend and last you for a good five years or so, without needing to think of any alternatives.

CHI New”Original” DIGITAL Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1″

If you’re a believer of “new is always better, then you’ll find this straightening iron to take you at the peak of your styling forte. Made with all the latest advancement of digital technology, this CHI product takes the original series to a new level. You’ll get professional salon-like styling quality in a matter of minutes at your most comfortable location. Whether you want to do it by yourself, or have it done by your friend, this CHI New Original will cater to all your straightening needs with the maximum level of flexibility and convenience.

CHI New Original

CHI has designed this device with the most unique south beach color and an ergonomic grip for enhanced traction. The design as well as the iconic ceramic heat plates technology will take you to new heights of hair straightening. Much like the most premium hair irons, this device includes 1 inch curved floating plates that adjust to any type of hair. It can turn the heat up to such high temperatures that even the coarsest of hairs will bend easily at your will and generate sleek outcomes.

This device can climb up to an astounding 425 degree F, which is almost rare in a straightener at such price point. Take advantage of advanced digital technology with the LCD display built into the body of this unit. The screen shows accurate temperature which makes it convenient for you to apply on your specific hair types. The device itself comes with preset temperature settings for your fine, medium or coarse hair, making tweaking more comfortable and easy-going than ever before.

Since it’s made with ceramic plates, the higher temperature settings won’t damage your hair in any way. It only takes a minute for it to fully heat up and be ready for action. You’ll receive guaranteed safety with the 1 hour auto shut-off feature that’ll prevent any accidental occurrence if you ever forget to switch the device off. The dual voltage settings lets you travel more effortlessly since you’ll have the ability to carry it anywhere and use it with full functioning capability.

Even in this price range, CHI is bringing you a full-sized flat iron that doesn’t feel cheap at all. The bodywork is durable and made to last a long time. The package includes free clips to make your journey painless and spares you some extra bucks. A built-in chip remembers the last heat setting you’ve used and switches back on at that particular temperature point. This saves a lot of time & effort and the 9 feet professional cable allows you to twist this iron as much as you want.

CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron

CHI lands on the market one of their most gorgeous-looking, top of the class hair straighteners that you can call the best CHI flat iron due to a number of valid reasons. Equally equipped with the most essential features and masterclass performance, this device ensures your hair’s safety while generating the most authentic & smooth hairstyles. You won’t need to look for another device because this one can do everything that your professional styler would be capable of.

CHI Tourmaline Flat Iron

This stunning device comes in pure pink, arousing the aesthetic artist that resides inside you. Heat plates made of tourmaline ceramic confirms that you won’t be having any frizzy or coily hair after having it glide over your hair. It can reach a maximum temperature of 410 degrees F, so coarse hair is never an obstacle for making your hair as smooth as silk.

The ceramic plates are curved and it ensures maximum grip even at the most dynamic straightening angles. Floating plates continuously adjust to your hand movements and let you flatten your hair in the shortest possible time. Time efficiency is stressed even further with a superfast heating-up time. You’ll be easily able to make a few quick passes before leaving for your office and never for a second feel such actions to be a hassle in your daily routine. Such convenience is really unforeseen in flat iron products!

You’ll be able to use it with full potential regardless of your hair type, because this CHI product contains a selection of preset temperatures for straight to kinky hair. You can easily tweak between the heat settings with a temperature dial built into the body work. Your hair will retain health and nourishment with the large amount of negative Ion passing through your hair from the heat plates with each pass. Paired with the far infrared technology, you’ll doubtlessly see the straightening last until your next shower.

This probably is one of the best flat irons in a short budget and the device is nothing like a cheap product. CHI has ensured prime quality in its build and included features that’ll be highly useful to achieve a ravishingly voguish straight hair. So don’t keep your purse tight and have it ordered right now to meet a new level of effortlessness and supreme control over your hair styling action.

CHI Onyx Euroshine 1″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron

CHI has turned head over heels before designing and introducing this masterpiece hairstyling iron that has turned heads of numerous professional hairstylists. The mesmerizingly smooth result this device produces will make your local salons run for their money. Our experts still find it challenging to grasp that such a super product is made available to regular consumers and it’s scary too in the sense it might run a lot of styling shops out of business. However it turns out, it’s a great deal for users who want to use it on a regular basis and get their hair done effortlessly.

CHI Onyx Euroshine

The elegant CHI Euroshine flat iron comes in black. The bodywork is carefully crafted by technicians to offer you utmost comfort while using it. Ergonomic grip won’t let it slip out of your hand during your straightening performance and a thermal mat makes sure even the highest level of heat doesn’t reach the palms of your hand. The 6.5 inch cable rotates at your will and allows you to style your hair any way you like.

The thermal plates are made of Onyx ceramic – the most premium CHI material you’ll find in the market. These plates are rounded and extended to 4 inches in length. It means fewer passes than regular flat irons will generate you the same result in significantly less time. You’ll be creating boundless shine after each glide due to the Ion generator to add an extra glow to your looks. It is able to produce Ion twice as much as other devices and nourishes your hair like none other despite such high heat.

Since the heat plates are wider, coarse hair will benefit greatly from it because a wider area of hair will receive heat & pressure at the same time. The body includes an LED neon display that visualizes temperature settings for your convenience. Its peak temperature is 450 degrees F, a huge advantage for tougher hair types. The superlative technology keeps the heat plates to a consistent temperature which seals in the moisture resulting in frizz-free, beautiful, silky hair that remains straight no matter what you throw at it.

The package includes a thermal pouch for storage and carrying capacity. It shuts off automatically after one hour of non-use, marking it safe from hazardous incidents. Overall, this device is the most secure investment for your hair straightening needs as it includes everything you might want out of your flat iron, and even beyond. So dear girl, go on and rock the world with the damage-free, smoothest looking curls or flips you’ve been dreaming of trying out!

How To Pick The Best CHI Flat Iron?

You might wonder how our experts deem these CHI flat irons to be better than the rest of the pack. Let us show you the way of assessment, so that you can do it by yourself before confirming the suitable device for purchase.

  • Heat-up Time

You must consider the heat up time before you opt for your next CHI flat iron. A quicker heat up time should be under one minute and it’ll cut down your preparation time by a significant margin. Also, it’ll ensure that your heat plates are able to retain constant temperature to generate a seamless straightening result.

  • Plate Type

Plate types are highly preferential because certain plate materials offer you certain flexibilities. On one hand, titanium plates heat up faster and ceramic plates retain a healthy heat for longer durations. Overall, our experts suggest that you go for Onyx tourmaline ceramic plates for CHI devices because these are made with the highest class of material that ensure your hair’s safety.

  • Hair Type

Understanding your hair type will pave the way for you to pick the perfect CHI hair straightener. If you have thin hair then you wouldn’t need to spend much and settle for devices that don’t generate a high level of heat & contain narrower plates. But for coarse hair, you’ll be needing wider plates with floating capabilities and a significantly higher maximum heat level.

  • Cable

Make sure your CHI flat iron has sufficiently long cable with professional grade twisting capability. Most CHI products feature such flexibility, but if your power socket is quite far from your mirror, you should choose the product that has around 10/11 feet of cable attached. Also, try to make sure the socket is capable of dual voltage to be used in any outlet worldwide to make traveling with it more convenient.


For a comprehensive understanding of CHI flat irons and help you finalize your decision on which one you should get, we’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions on the internet in this section.

Q: Which CHI is better: titanium or ceramic?

A: It is highly preferential. While the titanium heats up faster & to a higher level, the ceramic plates retain constant temperature without causing any major damage to your hair.

Q: What flat iron is least damaging?

A: Flat irons will damage your hair to a certain extent because of the heat-application technology. Nonetheless, purchasing from brands like CHI or similar prominent ones will at least guarantee that your products are made to cause the least amount of heat-induced damage.

Q: How do you know when you need a new straightener?

A: If your straightener is taking a long time to heat up, doing snags or pulls or even burns your hair, then dear friend, it’s time for you to get a new flat iron.

Q: How long do CHI hair straighteners last?

A: CHI makes some of the most durable straighteners and based on user reviews, their products last 5 years on average.

Our Verdict: Which Is The Best Chi Flat Iron?

Now comes the time for a final verdict between these top of the line CHI products. Before we move on to our preferred device, let us tell you that our verdict is based on overall performance. You may find any one of the devices in the list other than our choice to be your perfect fit, and that’s how it’s supposed to be, because it’s preferential at the end of the day.

The one flat iron we believe to be all-rounder and overall the ideal device is the CHI PRO G2 Digital straightener. Since this device contains a pair of unique heat plates made of ceramic & titanium fusion, it gets the benefit of both materials when it comes to straightening. Digital display, good grip, beautiful design and superior performance makes it overall the ideal flat iron you can purchase in 2022.

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