Best blow dryer for 4C hair

Best Blow Dryer For 4C Hair: 7 Devices For Frizz-Free, Smooth & Healthy Hair

For 4C hair, blow drying is such a step that isn’t always healthy but it’s such a vital aspect of hair care that it can’t be lived without as well. This places ones with natural hair in a dilemma between choosing from hair’s health and styling preference.

Having the best blow dryer for 4C hair is the best fix in this regard as it doesn’t ask you to compromise any of those. These devices are made specifically for such a texture of hair and proven by experts that they live up to their guaranteed words!

Thus, our article today brings everyone with 4C hair close to the specific blow dryers that are saviors in multiple aspects. We encourage you to go through each of the devices we’ve included in our list, understand the ways they benefit the cause and pick one out for your regular use!

Why Is The Best Hair Dryer For 4C Hair Necessary?

As you know, your 4C hair is very delicate and prone to breakage due to the curly nature of each strand. Constant heat from other types of blow dryers may inflict further damage upon your hair while leaving them either dry or greasy.

In such a case, you’ll need that perfect blow dryer which aims at leaving you the breathing room for your 4C hair. You require something that doesn’t heat your hair up or leave it exposed to heat for a long time, and contains advanced technologies to hydrate your hair. Thus, the best blow dryer for 4C hair will ensure your hair’s health as it produces the finest, smooth outcome!

7 Best Blow Dryer For Natural 4C Hair For Healthy Drying

Our natural 4C type hair deserves nothing short of a nourishing treatment, and the products we’ve listed down below will certainly help out in this regard massively as they’re practically tested to be fit for such tasks!

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Conair presents us with a professional grade hair dryer in the BaBylissPRO line that sits right beside its elegant sibling dyers. This dryer is equipped with all the latest technology that aims at reducing heat induced damage while drying and styling your hair, especially if for natural hair that we often find to be quite frizzy and crimped.

This unit is very compact compared to the feat it can achieve and the degree of service it can provide. It specializes in coarse hair that requires much time to dry off or style and doesn’t tire my hands while operating this nano, lightweight appliance. It’s also a benefit for professional stylists because it’ll spare the fatigue from handling it all day long on the customers.

Added to that, the nano titanium paired with ceramic material channels hot air through the vents effectively. The air is infused with ions generated by the ionic technology which is a welcome feature for our 4C type hair. I found my natural curls fused with the ions and left behind an undamaged, soft and smooth hair that remained shining whenever rays of light reflected upon it!

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Far-infrared Technology Takes a Healthy Approach for Natural Hair!

This BaBylissPRO hair dryer includes the far-infrared technology which redefines the way my curly hair strands dry up. Instead of overflowing heat from the outer layer of your hair, the air heated up my hair from within. Also, the air has been up to the temperature which I found to be perfect for such purposes. This is such an approach that actually kept my vulnerable hair healthier than it’s supposed to be after a blow-drying session!

This nano yet powerful device is powered with a 2000W coil that can generate a high level of heat in a superfast time! Imagine waking up in the morning and finding your curly 4C hair all tangled up. Such has happened to me and it allowed me the time to get myself a shampooing, conditioning and drying within a short period of time, and I didn’t miss my appointment either!

On the housing of this dryer, there are three sets of switches that adjust the heat level, control the airflow and generate a burst of cool breeze. However, I didn’t find an icy-cold airflow from the dryer as it’s practically impossible to achieve that. I used this flow while trying out a blowout hairstyle or sealing in the moisture after I’ve had an intense drying session.

The concentrated nozzle that comes with this device has let me dry out my strict curls in particular sections. It also allowed me to style my hair with such a flow of hot air through the narrow section and made using a flat iron redundant. This is a big win when it comes to 4C hair, because the more heat exposure I bring to my hair, the healthier myr hair will remain!

Thus, I believe our first blow dryer in the list should be the perfect device for ones who have frizzy hair frequently or ones who are looking for a product that can be used professionally – because it can literally run all day!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson supersonic hair dryer

Dyson has moved ahead in time to invent a blow dryer that includes some of the most advanced technologies and sophisticated features! Such innovation can only be seen in the best Dyson products that are available in the market. I’ve found this particular hair dryer caters highly to the needs of my 4C hair to blow dry without causing much heat-induced damage to the strands.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is scientifically tested and there is statistical evidence that supports their claim. After much use, I’ve come to conclude that this product does protect my natural hair from external heat and it fast forwards the drying process by a significant margin. A swift drying session means less heat exposure to my 4C hair and my hair’s health has never been better!

Additionally, the Supersonic hair dryer is powered by a digital V9 motor that’s a state of the art technology from Dyson. This propels the fan up to 110,000 rpm for which 13 liters of air is passed through each second! This number alone is enough evidence that this hair dryer significantly cuts down on drying time and it’s much suitable for my thick hair.

I have personally tested out their Air Multiplier technology which efficiently distributes the air through hair. On top of that, the Intelligent heat control system measures the airflow temperature quite frequently, almost up to 40 times per. My drying has never been more convenient and safer for my hair’s texture as it ensured good health to my strands!

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Supersonic Attachments Specifically Support 4C Hair!

The Dyson Supersonic comes with a few attachments that’ll guide the way to a healthy, smooth and shiny hair for 4C texture. The diffuser and styling concentrator has made my drying process very easy, fast and removes the necessity to rely on a flat iron. I used to be uncertain about the proper ways of using hair dryer diffusers, then I chose to learn it from the experts.

That’s not it! The flyaway attachment has aided my overflowing flyaways and managed to hide them to create a sleek finish. Also, a wide-tooth comb delved deep into my natural curls and dried them up from within, which allowed me a chance to style my hair at the same time! Imagine not having to spend time pulling a flat iron as it can be done with this device alone!

Much like everything about this blow dryer, the attachments are straightforward to use. They use magnetic connectors for easy plug-in and removal. The housing contains the heat setting buttons where I found three speed settings and four temperature settings to choose from. The cold shot flows 82°F temperature air which isn’t really ice-cold, so don’t expect much.

Overall, this product lands on the market like a dream come true. The only downside I feel to this is the price point. However, a professional styler or someone who intends to make a large investment for a really long time can opt for this one. The quality of the build alone is enough to sustain a prolonged duration, and the smooth & healthy outcome it generates renders it as a must-have device for 4C type hair!

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Dryer

RUSK engineering W8less professional dryer

RUSK Engineering has impressed the hair care industry with their highly affordable hair dryer that’s well-suited for personal use. Ticking all the boxes of superior performance, this device has become my next favorite to treat my 4C hair in a better way. It’s a welcome product that can be a great substitute for cheap flat irons and it can turn any of my days into a good hair day!

As the name suggests, the blow dryer unit is actually weightless as it weighs a little under 2 pounds. Drying my natural hair has always been a hefty task along with styling, and a heavy dryer always took a toll on my shoulder muscles. But the one from RUSK excels in this department for the weight and it made my routines go as smooth as this dryer turns my hair into!

The lightweight has helped out in another regard. This let me carry it around pretty easily! All I needed to do was to throw it into my bag and didn’t feel something’s even in there! Also, unlike many 2000W dryers, it doesn’t make a lot of noise while performing, so I was content using it within a crowd or inside my hotel room without disturbing my neighbors.

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One of the Best Budget Blow Dryers with Masterful Performance!

The consistency of heat is ensured by the tourmaline and ceramic induced grills that maintain a continuous flow of air. From the attachments that come with the device, I could snap on the concentrator nozzle easily to ramp up the speed of my drying process.

4C hairs are usually quite challenging to manage and dry out swiftly, but this device seems to do a pretty good job at it. It took me no more than 20 minutes to get all of my hair sorted out – from drying to styling – mind you I have hair with a large and thick volume. I’ve tested it out on numerous occasions and such results within this price range is truly mesmerizing!

It also takes care of the flyaways by infusing ions into the hair with the infrared technology. I got to receive sleek, smooth and shiny hair that’s not frizzy at all which many blow dryers at this price range end up resulting in. It doesn’t mean this blow dryer is exclusive to 4C type only, because any other hair type consumers can get the same benefits from using it.

I feel one of the downsides is the design of this blow dryer. The arm isn’t foldable which can make packing a little difficult at times. Also, the heat adjustment buttons that can tweak between six settings are placed right underneath my fingers without any lock mode. However, it never created any issue for me and I hope it won’t for you either.

Although it doesn’t house the most captivating design, it makes up with the superior performance it provides. The heat levels reached quite extreme when I flicked to the highest setting, and the cool mode actually blew my hair with cooler air instead of a lukewarm flow. Overall, I believe it’s the best blow dryer for 4C hair within the affordable range!

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

Drybar buttercup blow dryer

Drybar brings a very cute blow dryer into the shade of a vibrant yellow that caught my eyes at the very first glance! In addition to that, the buttercup unit is often ranked as almost equal to its two other sisters who have their significant differences in terms of usability!

The Buttercup blow dryer is one of the most delicate devices that I’ve used on my 4C hair. It chooses a safe path to give natural hair a healthy drying process. Drying my hair up has never been any faster, thanks to this device! Let me tell you exactly how my vulnerable, frizzy hair has benefited from using this product on a regular basis.

Apart from its looks, another aspect that strikes out the most for me is its weight. Only at one pound, this is a very lightweight dryer that has never exhausted my hand even when I operated it for a long time. It helps out both a professional stylist and someone like me with curly hair because such a volume can’t be styled within a short time, thus the weight becomes very important.

Like the previous one in the list, this dryer too passes billions of ios through the hair strands while it blows hot hair. With this technology, I found my frizziness to be gone completely and it has added a smoothness to all of my strands. It didn’t make my 4C hair into an oily mess like many other dryers, rather the silkiness was natural and rendered a very fine texture!

20% Faster Drying than the Rest!

The wave heater infused with ions has made my drying more efficient than many devices at this price range! My verdict for this is  that this unit can dry a wide volume of 4C hair, as it did mine in only 10 minutes! Imagine how effortless this is going to make life in terms of saving time and putting on the favorite hairstyle!

The two types of nozzles that are provided with the package have increased my styling potentials. The wider nozzle helped me greatly during my drying process, in which I wanted to cover a broad area at the same time. The concentrated nozzle on the other hand has focused on my fringes or bangs which allowed me to turn my personal styling into a masterful art!

Three heat settings and two power settings has made its functionality minimal for me and I wasn’t confused for a second between choosing from one setting to another. Most of the settings have been optimum for my 4C type hair and offered me tenderness through the high-power motor that doesn’t rely solely on the heat for the drying process.

For the lightweight, 9 feet long cable and compact size, I was easily able to travel with it without any second thought. Only if the handle was allowed to be bent, then it would sit perfectly even in my purse! Other than that, what Drybar has brought to this blow dryer is enough to satisfy my needs for natural hair’s beauty and health!

Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900

Elchim is an Italian brand set in Milan which has been proudly standing in the hair care market for 75 years! They may not have been the inventor of hair dryers, but their technological and creative intervention makes the 3900 one of the most deluxe hair dryers that is available to consumer level and helps type 4C hair in an advanced manner!

This device is equipped with Elchim’s most powerful motor that’s a miniature version of an AC. Such power dries up my natural and coarse hair dried up in less than no time! Also, this dryer has catered to myr styling preference while taking absolute care of my hair’s health. I realized that it has taken an unorthodox approach than regular heat-based cheap dryers in the market.

Due to such a motor, the airflow is dense and covers a lot of area at the same time. My drying time after using this device has been reduced by an astounding 30%, making it my personal favorite and can aid professional stylists! Think of all the customers who would benefit from this in the minimum time which will ensure the efficiency of service altogether!

Salon Quality Finishing with Protection from Heat!

I’ve always admired the far-infrared technology for my hair drying. A technology like this doesn’t burn up my hair or leave behind that burnt smell, rather it has dried up from the core while keeping it safe. My 4C hair’s integrity and strength have increased ever since I started using it and it spared me the high-degree & constant heat induced damage.

The 3900 also hydrated my hair and generated sleek looks. I’ve always envied the smooth finish I’d get from professional salon outlets for my curly hair. Now I can achieve the same smoothness at the comforts of my home! And the negative ions that pass through my hair confirms that my hair retains moisture and doesn’t become frizzy!

Two concentration nozzles have been included with this dryer that enabled a fast-dry for my 4C hair that’s not really that easy to achieve swiftly. It also allowed me to style my hair in different ways, making a flat iron for styling purposes redundant. With the cold air button, I sealed in the sleek nature so that my hair remains healthy and shining for the longest time!

This made in Italy device endorses the premium Italian styling technologies along with particular knowledge that comes together in this device. For my 4C type hair, I’ve found all of it to be highly supportive of my hair’s health and nourishment which is unforeseen in blow dryers. Also, this is ranked as one such product which lets me clean the filters easily as well.

Sam Villa Lightweight Professional Hair Dryer

Sam Villa hair dryer

Sam Villa’s name has been reverberated through the styling community for his styling contribution in the contemporary industry. His styling gadgets are not only targeted to generate common facilities, rather to allow the styling enthusiasts to be equipped with ease into the process. The lightweight blow dryer is one such invention that makes any consumer’s life easier, especially if they have 4C type hair.

This professional hair dryer includes a few patented features which provided me with convenience while drying my natural hair. Starting with the ergonomic design, the grip is curved and adjusts nicely to my hand’s shape. This ensures that no matter how long I had to grab hold of it, my fingers never got cramped in any way.

The comfort is further highlighted with the lightweight housing. It weighs less than a pound, making it one of the most feathery devices I’ve ever come across! In the curves of the handle are the control buttons that let me switch between heat settings and airflow control. Such flexibility makes it an ideal choice for professionals as well who have to cover diverse hair types with one device!

A Superior Motor into this Handy Device for High-quality Results!

The patented Evolution Turbo-Compressor Technology is a gift that Sam Villa incorporated in this dryer. It hosts a powerful motor of very little weight that is powered by 1750W which is unique in hair dryer wattages.

This compact device is very handy in terms of handling, carrying and operating at any location. The weight and convenience that it was able to provide while going through my high-volume curly hair is unmatched by most other dryers. This does an amazing job while keeping me at the peak of comfort!

Gaining power from the ceramic/tourmaline ion generation unit, this made my natural hair frizz-free and contained the flyaway hair. After drying up my hair with this unit, I felt that my texture has generated an extra degree of fineness that’s not present in other hair dryers.

This alone sets it apart because it has guaranteed moisturized hair without overheating the cores. 2 rotating nozzles have increased efficiency in terms of drying and styling into desirable designs. The structure aided my cleaning process as well since I can directly unhinge the back part to scrub out all the dirt to let the clean air pass through!

For a professional user, I think it’s a dream come true for consistent use due to its weight, performance and price point. Home consumers like myself may feel the price is a little too high, but when I think of all the nourishment my 4C hair receives from this along with the durability of the device, it does make sure that I don’t have to invest in a hair dryer for a long time to come.

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer

Bio Ionic 10x pro ultralight speed dryer

Bio Ionic’s Pro hair dryer specializes in speed drying with a reduced weight level for consumer convenience. Drying swiftly implies that my hair receives less heat, meaning my 4C hair has remained damage-free. This brings a new horizon in the line of specialized blow dryers that’ll prove to be a great asset when it comes to using it on sensitive natural hair.

This is marketed as ultralight because it doesn weigh less than one pound, and I personally didn’t even feel its existence while operating with it! I was able to dry my medium-length coarse hair within 10 minutes of time – such is the level of this unit’s performance! How does it achieve accomplishment? One word – superior technology!

75% Energy Efficient 4C Hair Drying!

Just imagine receiving a swift drying without getting the hands tired, and it’ll cost 75% less energy than regular dryers – what more could we ask from your device? Believe it, because Bio Ionic has the technology embedded in the 1800W EcoDrive brushless motor, capable of delivering such high-class performance for 4C hair.

On top of that, Volcanic RockMX technology utilizes the Moisturizing Heat approach that fused my hair with ions and endowed my natural hair in a nourished and hydrated way and retained the necessary moisture even after completely drying up. I have found my natural hair to radiate more shine and less frizz with a healthy hair body!

Go green with the new Bio Ionic dryer as it emits no EMF, carbon or ozone – all of which are harmful for the environment. In terms of the heat, it has a standard three speed heat setting which in my opinion suffices while I dry my 4C hair. Also, the device gradually gets a little hot which I understand because of the housing size.

I reckon this hair dryer is great value for money despite being classified at a significantly high price point. The reason behind saying it is, professional stylists should get the best and efficient results out of it. For home consumers like myself, it’ll be a long-term investment as Bio Ionic devices are made to last a long time, and keeping my hair healthy should have no price tag.

This has also made my curly hair significantly straight with fine texture, which makes my outgoings very easy. I don’t have to sit tight for my flat iron to heat up and straighten my hair, rather I can get away with the Bio Ionic’s performance that’s sufficient for me.

Even my stylist friends have agreed upon the fact that the drying cuts down around one-third of the time, so it’s not a biased opinion on my account! It truly is a remarkable device for everyone out there who has 4C type hair. This is how we’ll get to keep your hair healthy and fancy without compromising either of it!


Let’s take a look at some of the commonly asked questions about blow dryers and 4C type hair’s connection. This should allow for a better knowledge of the matter for the sake of such delicate hair’s health and safety.

Q: Does blow drying damage 4C hair?

A: Blow drying does damage 4C hair if it’s done with regular dryers. But the ones that specialize in this regard like the ones in our list should cause the least amount of damage!

Q: Can you straighten 4C hair with a blow dryer?

A: With the right equipment, you can straighten your 4C hair with a blow dryer. Check out what other ways you can achieve this at home!

Q: Is it better to let 4C hair air dry or blow dry?

A: It depends. If you’re looking for a particular style or in a hurry, you can blow dry your hair, otherwise air drying spares you the exposure from heat.

Q: Why is my hair frizzy after blow dry?

A: This is because the hair dryer you’ve been using isn’t made for your particular hair type.

Q: Can you blow dry natural hair without heat protectant?

A: You shouldn’t really do such a thing as it’ll only damage your hair strands beyond repair.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored the best blow dryer for 4C hair options, we can round up the important features for natural hair. The drying should be fast and it shouldn’t be dependent on the heat level, rather on advanced technologies as well as the airflow.

Having the control over tweaking the settings is always a welcome gesture as it’ll allow everyone universally to use these devices. On top of that, features like far-infrared or Ionizing actually benefits hair that frizzes quite often and serves as a great relief from these troubles.

So match your needs with these devices and see how they fare against your demands. Everyone’s hair is unique in their own way, and after scrolling through everything offered here, it’s up to you to make the call for your perfect blow dryer!

I am Emily. I am a hair care enthusiast, and I like writing about it. Reading books and styling hair is one of my greatest passions. I have a knack for creativity, and I find pleasure in making art. I love going out in the field and basking under the sun on a cold day. My life motto is: "you only live once."

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