BaByliss Prima 3100 Vs 3000

BaByliss Prima 3100 Vs 3000: Multipurpose Use Or Curly Hair’s Aid? You Decide!

BaByliss flat irons are flooding the market and winning over the consumers due to their versatility in operations. If you’re someone looking forward to making a new purchase and are torn in the middle of the BaByliss Prima 3100 vs 3000 dilemma, then we have sufficient information that’ll help you out in this regard.

The Prima 3100 is relatively new than the 3000 model and it has been in the market for around 3 years. It landed as an improvement to its predecessor, however our experts have analyzed that there’s very little difference between the two, even in terms of pricing!

But the one or two dissimilarities they have should be enough for you to realize which one suits you the best. Our article today aspires to equip you with that knowledge and find out who’s the winner based on your unique requirements with the insights from the specialists!

BaByliss Prima 3100 Vs 3000 : Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
BaByliss Prima 3000BaByliss Prima 3100
Plate Size
Best For
All Hair
Silver and Blue
1.5 Pounds
1.76 Pounds
Check price Check price

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3100 Vs 3000

Our verdict on the battle between BaByliss Prima 3100 vs 3000 makes the assessment based on the following features that are the major aspects to consider for your purchase!

Housing Features

Housing Features

BaByliss products are always full of surprises and such an approach toward developing goods sets them apart from other brands of similar stature. Taking the housing of these two models for instance should tell you a huge benefit you’ll get from each of them.

Both of the Prima 3100 and 3000 contain a metal housing that’s made out of stainless steel. Which implies that these will never corrode and not be prone to warping. Also, using such a material for the body renders them significantly lighter.

The best part about the housing is, it heats up as well alongside the heat plates. Don’t sound alarmed! We’ve found great uses for straightener bodies that heat up that’ll genuinely arouse your interest!

If you know how to use flat irons to curl your hair, these two products will significantly lower your efforts in the process. The heated up housing will ensure that the hair in the curling process receives heat equally – even the portion that isn’t pressed between the heat plates!

Plate Size

Plate Size

Although the housing of these two models are oddly similar, the lines have been drawn at the plate sizes of each of these units. While the latest installment of Prima 3100 has a 1” plate, the predecessor contains a plate that is a quarter inch wider, set at 1.25”.

This difference in plate sizes is quite effective in a number of ways and it’ll help you in picking out the flat iron that’s more suitable for you. For starters, a wider plate is usually good in the sense that it’ll save you time during your straightening process.

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On top of that, it provides sufficient heat to flatten down curly hair, which means, if you have natural hair, you’ll greatly benefit from getting a Prima 3000. Your fine hair can do with it as well, but you’ll need to make sure that you don’t spend too much time pressing down the iron to prevent damage.

Also, a wider plate implies it’ll make your curls broader than you’d get with a narrower unit. So, if you plan on using your flat iron for curling purposes, the Prima 3100 should be your pick as it’ll serve you both in terms of straightening and curling. It’s also more efficient for fine hair.

It means, it all comes down to your hair type and the method of using in the end. Having curly hair, wanting to save time or creating thick curls would prefer the Prima 3000, whereas fine hair opting for thin curls would declare Prima 3100 as the victor!

Heat Efficiency

Heat efficiency

Another similar aspect we’ve found in the BaByliss Prima 3100 vs 3000 battle is that – both of these are very efficient when it comes to heating up. The airgrade Nano Titanium plates featured in both of these devices are top-notch materials when it comes to heat plates for flat irons.

Such heat plates dissipate the heat evenly across your hair on each pass, making your ironing process highly convenient. Also, it allows you to keep repeating the same procedure without leaving behind burned patches of hair here and there. Even if you manage to burn yourself accidentally, you can always apply some tricks to heal faster!

The efficiency is further stressed with the 5 variable heat settings housed in these two flat irons. The temperature can crank up to 465°F with an LED indicator embedded in the body. The colors will tell you where you are in terms of heat – green being at the lowest level while red suggesting the peak level.

It means, you can set your heat at your desired level based on your requirements – be that straightening or curling. This also accommodates different hair types as well – lower heat level for fine hair or higher for curly – everything would be in the palm of your hand!

Straightener Length

The length of your straighteners might seem redundant at first, since your iron can flatten so much hair at one pass. Still, it matters in terms of choosing between BaByliss Prima 3100 vs 3000 because it’s one of very few differences these two share.

The Prima 3000 has a length of 6” while the 3100 has one of 7”. Which suggests that you’ll have a greater chance of accidentally burning yourself with the latter, longer one if you are careless during your operation. This is due to the fact that both of these flat irons carry housings that heat up on the outside as well as the inside – although not at a very high temperature.

Longer flat irons are handy when you’re using it for curling purposes. Prima 3100 will give you a larger housing area to curl over and you’ll be allowed to process a longer strand of hair at the same time. Prima 3000 isn’t really that far behind, but mind you, an extra inch can make all the difference!

Additionally, for your curly/kinky hair, you can settle for the Prima 3100 because of the extra length. It’ll allow you to flat iron a little bit more of your hair at one go!

Additional Similarities

Additional Similarities

There are few more features that are shared between these two flat irons, but are necessary to go over for your better understanding. For example, both of the Prima 3000 and 3100 contain a 9” power cord that swivels around so that you can twist as you like!

The heat plates dissipate negative ions for both of these devices. It’s important for frizzy or curly hair to be straightened efficiently without causing any damage. Also, this feature will give your straightened hair additional shine and glow.

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If you’re a frequent traveler, the dual voltage in both of these products will allow you to plug in your flat iron at any place in the world. You won’t have to search for an adapter every time you leave the country or visit someplace new! Imagine the convenience it would give you in new hotel rooms!

These similarities make the BaByliss Prima 3100 vs 3000 battle more intriguing as you’ll have to rely on the very few differences these two have to offer!

Info On BaByliss

BaByliss is a prominent name in the haircare industry that’s anchored in the USA. Their efforts in generating new & improved haircare devices like flat irons or curlers have proven to be fruitful from the increasing number of their consumers.

As they are currently owned by Conair which has a net worth around $3 billion, you can understand how much they invest in the R&D sector and quality control. It implies that if you purchase any of the Prima 3100 or 3000 models, you’re going to be receiving one of the most premium flat irons you can ever find in the market.

There are a few more flat iron devices produced by BaByliss each year that cater to specific needs of the consumers. These, along with numerous positive feedbacks have rendered BaByliss as one of the leading producers of such goods worldwide, and Forbes agrees!


So, the clash of Babyliss Prima 3000 Vs 3100 comes to an end with detailed analysis of the significant features these two units have. Our experts have used both of these flat irons extensively, and performance-wise they’ve claimed it’s a tie between these two.

However, we’ll stress on the matter that, if you have curly hair, the additional width in the heat plate should do you justice in the Prima 3000 model. The additional length of Prima 3100 should facilitate natural hair as well, but a wider plate is more efficient than a longer straightener body.

So the winner should be picked out subjectively from our end, as the Prima 3000 is victorious for one’s with curly hair. And if you want to use your flat iron for curling, the narrower body of Prima 3100 should serve you just right and you can crown it as your champion!

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